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UGANDA: On the Anniversary of KaweSI murder

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Today in history — 17th March 1017

Ancient China had many kingdoms. These kingdoms were complete with coercive apparatus such as the Army and the Police. One such kingdom was called Yu. The king of Yu was Yo. Yo was a mixed bag of an autocrat and a people person. He reigned supreme for more than three decades – something that was unprecedented.

Yo fused his Police Force and Army that by the year 1010, a distinction could not be made between the army and the police. Many officers and men served in both units as and when it was convenient. The Police and Army of Yu were led by officers who foolishly believed that Yo was an incarnation of an ancient Chinese god and therefore, he was not human, but a deity. With such a belief, Yo made his officers stumble from one crime against humanity to another – all in the name of protecting his hold onto power and silencing dissent.

Within the ranks of the Police Force of Yu kingdom rose a ruthless officer called Si. Si was a murderer, but no body in the community believed it because he had mastered the art of public speaking and portraying himself as a committed worshiper of the deity called Yo and their other gods in the Yu kingdom. Si rose very fast within the ranks of the Yu kingdom Police Force that he was earmarked by King Yo to become the overall commander of the Police Force in a short period of time. In the process of rising, Si stepped on many toes and also poured a lot of innocent blood for purely selfish reasons.

It was a well known fact that Chinese gods are fair and fatal. By pouring innocent blood and making many children fatherless in pursuit of personal wealth (stolen from the widows of the killed hunters and rich men), Si rubbed the Chinese gods the wrong way and for this, he had to pay with his life. China is not new to western civilisation as you were lied to in school. As early as 1000 AD, the Chinese were using the Gregorian Calendar.

On one fateful morning of 17th March 1017, while travelling in his cart, a group of hired rogue fighters speared Si to death. It was later discovered that his body received more than 30 spears and it was death most cruel. The entire Yu kingdom was shocked, but king Yo knew whatever had happened. He kept quiet, but he knew that he had lost a real henchman!!

The other shocking news on that day was that top commanders in the Police Force of Yu kingdom were elated with the news of Si’s death. They even carried sticks to go and measure the height of the corpse and the length of the fingers and finger nails, just to be sure that it was Si that was killed. Si was indeed a good henchman for King Yo, but he was a much hated figure within the ranks of the Police Force.

Ever since, 1017, the 17th of March became a day of mourning in the kingdom of Yu until the kingdom was overrun by invaders from Shanghai.

—-This story was initially written in Mandarin, but has been translated into Uglish with the support of the Ugandan People. Any attempts to search for it on google may not yield fruit unless one is fluent in mandarin.

Ronald Leonard Egesa

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