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UGANDA: Notes to youth about your social media writing.

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ABOVE ALL ELSE, NEVER EVER ABBREVIATE. The world does not communicate in Unglish. Abbreviations are insulting, disrespectful, a sign of laziness and can be conceived as a sign of an illiterate person who dropped out of school maybe in P1 or something like that. Any Ugandan who passed PLE should not be writing in abbreviations. It reflects very badly on you.
Until your ENGLISH becomes superb like that of Omalla or Omar, I highly recommend that you stick to writing full words.

1) I am, not AM or I‘m (because chances are you will say AM which is incorrect).

2) You are, not your or you‘re (because chances are you will say ..your smart. Which is wrong.

3) It is, not its or it‘s (because chances are you do not know the difference). 4) Where or we are… NOT were used for both. Write full words.

QUITE must never be confused with QUIET… this is constant and daily among most Ugandans. I am QUITE disappointed in how you remained QUIET when people were being killed in Kasese.

LOSE not LOOSE. You will LOSE the bet if you keep writing like a duck. Your pants are LOOSE, go buy a belt.

‘BIG BIG BIG… ‘‘Leah‘s brother was sick. Her mother went to pick up her son‘‘‘ Not the mother went to pick up his son. SAME With males. My dad went to pick up his mother. Not my dad went to pick up her mother. PRONOUNS. But even journalists are writing like idiots anyway and getting away with it.

You will not find too many people from Western Uganda who write like rubbish who have university degrees. Because they got excellent education. The ones who write crappy went to your regular schools. This does not mean that there is no hope for you. You can read daily but read quality and posts of people who educate instead of the ones who only feed you poko poko.

Leadership and good jobs belong to READERS and WRITERS. Not people who scribble like ducks. THE WORLD passes judgement on you and how seriously you need a job, contract, scholarship or business partnership by how you WRITE.

Consequently, your assumption that it is only just social media and you should not showcase your excellent writing skills and reasoning (the way you respond to posts) is wrong. Everything you are saying on Social Media is automatically going on your CV (DIGITAL FOOTPRINT).

WRITE as if you are writing for a meeting of the Board of Directors of the World Bank. == Unless you are retired like OMAR or about to retire like LEAH. But even OMAR who is retired does consulting work so he cannot ever be seen or perceived to be seen writing nonsensical things.

YOU people on the other hand are young, you have no job security, none whatsoever. The wealth you are illicitly accumulating under Museveni will be taken away. You have no pension, you are not vested and you will not get jobs after this regime falls because we are going to do thorough clean up.

ASK YOURSELF: Where will you be 5yrs from now in terms of your career or business. Assume that the NRM regime will be gone by then. Those who assume that NRM will live foreveer should remember the story of Libya and Sudan. ‘‘Nothing lasts forever except November rain‘‘.

I have talked to some youth (age 25 to 40) who have told me they have bought a plot and built a house and now all is okay they just have to hustle. Are you people too blind to see the amount of massive landgrabbing going on and it can happen to anyone. You can lose that plot and house over night and then what will you do… try to get a job when all this time you have been assuming that your life is set. Then who will give you a job after they look at the trashy grammar and spelling on your social media activity…. MWEBEREREMU.

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

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