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UGANDA: Notes for journalism & mass communications students

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CAJ – Canadian Association of Journalists

I understand that you do not learn about digital media in your work till you hit your last year of university.  I personally would fly abroad to take a degree in that field or switch to something more fundamental for Uganda where you live.  Try Agriculture, Entrepreneur, Counseling, etc..

Many Ugandan kids go into things like Human Resource Management.  This one is also a bit useless. Needed but come on, you are gonna Human Resource Manage 85% unemployed youth (35mln)?  You might as well join Jobless Brotherhood.

My boss editor, Rogers (@UG_Edge) calls me in me in 2016.  “Leah, wake up. Grab your laptop.  Big news at ManU.  Do the sports column”.

Wait, something was not write. “Roger, I only do the Business and Technology, never done sports”.

Roger: “Today you start writing and reporting about sports”.  I cried and cried and cried but Roger would not hear any of that.  He actually could have done the story himself but he was upcountry with limited internet.  The other people in our team in Uganda could have done the story but this particular one had many videos and photos and one needed to work with HTML to post it right.

Finally, after telling my editor to hire someone to replace me (I work Probono), he said a silly thing.  “Leah, it is not about you or me or your laziness or hate.  It is not about Roger.  The fact is we have people who read. Focus on the readers.  None of them will even ever have to know that you are a bitch”.  Okay asshole….we will keep it that way.

Roger is one of the best teachers I have ever met in my life.  He focuses on teaching the essentials. He is patient, kind, gentle, accommodating.  He is one person I would recommend Interns to work with.  The first telephone call I had with Roger shocked me.  I asked him if he was retarded.  He speaks slowly.  He takes time to answer.  He then replays everything.  COME ON,  I grew up in freaking Canada.  If the bus is late by 5minutes, we can sue the bus company.  But here is someone saying: “Keep talking Leah.  I am listening.  Talk”.  Then finally after blowing off all the steam, he says “Are you done Leah or do you have more bitching?”

SOME OF YOU KNOW our fake African pastors.  They go: “God never makes a mistake. You are here because this is where you are supposed to be”.  One day after much tears, I filled buckets, like a river or even the lake Vic, I asked God why I was stuck with a monster for a teacher. Woke up the next morning, and I had not told my editor how sad I was feeling.  He had sent a message: “Leah, you are where you are supposed to be at this point in your life”.

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

Just give me a little more time.  Growing up in Canada is not the same as growing up in Uganda but I am working on becoming a real Ugandan, the way I was before I came to Canada for high school.  You will see.  In time.

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