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UGANDA: Never market what you do not personally buy

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This is likely a learning moment for even none SHITHOLE dwellers. Do not look at me because I live in Norway.

Most people in Sales and Marketing work hard for their money and believe in what they sell (sale).  It is only idiots who sell what they do not personally consume.

I think I was in my fourth year of my first degree in Business (yes, I am a Business know it all..sometimes) when our marketing professor used Warren Buffet in one case study.

SHITHOLE educated basiru need to know that Warren Buffet is a billionaire.

Buffet was one time asked why he kept investing in Coca Cola for his empire

BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC. I had to watch that interview 3 times to understand what he was saying.

Buffet said “I drink Coca Cola. I invest in what I personally consume”.
This is where Ugandans get marketing and sales wrong.  Because if a billionaire only invests in only what he personally consumes, why would you be investing in exporting slaves to the Middle East?  Would you yourself wanna be a slave to Arabs?
Warren Buffet is a genius beyond belief and it is not because he was born with a silver spoon.  He uses common sense.  In sales, you make a bigger impact when you sell what you personally buy.
For example, I am a die hard promoter of reading, writing and farming. WHY?  Because I read, I write and I grow food.
Media in Uganda is not easy.  When I chose to put The Observer on my news stream to all my social media, it was because I believe in their work and I read everything they write.  They also do not write like ducks.  Try to dig up all my complaints to Uganda media and you will never find me complaining about Observer.  AND if I did (I actually did one time in 2015), they address the issue promptly.
Two days ago, Sadab tweeted “with Kayihura being sacked, there will be journalists / reporters who will become unemployed”.  I paraphrase but the message was along those lines. I follow Sadab and his handle is @sadabkitatta79.  The @ObserverUg has superb writers and their journalism is nothing close to the trash people read in dailies and online news sites in Uganda.  In fact, I will go on record to say that all you need is THE OBSERVER.
But now with Kayihura not in the news though, I am also bored.  Imagine me now finally writing.  It was always so easy to pick on Gen. Kale Kalyekizi Kayihorror.  He always had a horror show daily and one could never be disappointed.  Remain assured that Kayihura is gonna bounce back in big fashion and then the Hunger Games will resume.  I miss him already and it is only 2 days down. WHY does President Yoweri Museveni hate journalists?  This whole firing thing was to kill our business.  Damn!
I am Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Buy your copy of The Observer this Friday and follow them at You will not be disappointed. This message was not paid for by anyone.  Check them out online now. They published Okoth Ochola slamming Kayihura.
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