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UGANDA: Museveni’s army brutalises @MakerereU students – @MugishaMuntu @HeBobiWine @KizzaBesigye1 @SejuDav

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This is a topic we must address. Why have we let the army take over schools? Of course, there are many ways we have allowed this to come about but it makes no sense for opposition to go rallies, mobilization and campaigning when our kids are being killed.  Do you people remember December Xmas time when bodies of our kids were dumped on the beaches of Lake Vic Dec 23 to Dec 27th and none of the beach club / resort owners could identify those kids as their clients from the previous night?

OPPOSITION just went about their business.  And do not even talk about November 26, 27 of 2016. #Kasese Massacre but we had pre-planned a birthday party.  Seriously?  You need to learn about INSURANCE. You booked the damn hotel but kids at Makerere were being beat to pulp but you did not wanna lose what you had paid for your RETREAT.  Buy cancellation insurance in the future.

PS: Gen. Mugisha Muntu has never been a mole.  He will never be a mole.  And he will never be bought, unless most opposition. He is a gentleman I have criticised a lot and it is only because he has no barking dogs.  Otherwise, maybe only 3 or 5 things of criticising him but the other 15 to 20 pieces have always said, MM is no mole and will never sell out and betray Ugandans.  As for some of you, anyway.  TIME IS THE BEST TELLER OF TRUTH.

This is an extract from Chapter 75 of an upcoming book.

Strict disciplinarians like Mugisha Muntu were frustrated by Museveni’s reluctance to fight the vice. As Army Commander, Muntu had taken steps by suspending some senior officers but Museveni could not sanction prosecution and recovery but instead introduced the system of indefinite suspension (Katebe). This bred hatred, contempt and ridicule against Muntu and Museveni could not come to Muntu’ rescue.

The frustrated Muntu opted to retire. He refused a Minister of Defence portfolio and as a send off Museveni offered him a fifty million shillings cash send off to inject into the stone quarry project. Museveni knew that Muntu almost owned nothing completely while many senior and junior officers held immense wealth. This accumulation of wealth has been used to attract new entrants into the NRA. Learning from the examples set by the ‘vanguards of the revolution (NRA)’, the civilian NRMs picked the courage and also went on a looting spree. Museveni by separately meeting ordinary soldiers and pretending to be shocked by their revelations is trying to play cheap popularity. The move will cover the entire army just to win back lost confidence at a time when the force’s cohesion is shaky.

Friday, 28 September 2018

UGANDA: How Museveni destroyed Gen.Mugisha Muntu’s political career


Gen. Muntu is one of the thousands of citizens who can ably lead Uganda. Even Museveni appreciates capacity to resiliently pursue his political ambitions. To contain Mugisha Muntu, Museveni opted to fast track him through the ranks and made him the Army Commander. At the same time and as usual, Museveni would go behind Muntu to undermine Muntu’s. Museveni has also unusually not been physically humiliating and demeaning Gen. Muntu’s past performance; a factor that accounts for Muntu being branded a Museveni mole. By doing so, Museveni had set in motion the systematic destruction of Gen. Muntu’s political career.

Going by the above brief backfround, Gen. Muntu’s political journey is faced with an uphill task of going over the following hurdles;

As is always the case, Gen. Muntu will have to contest against the state with all its resources and security machinery lining up behind Museveni and his Musevensm. Ugandans have lost all hope of ever having a peaceful change of leadership. Museveni is determined to violently hold into power but Gen. Muntu is advocating for a diplomatic and civil approach. He has to convince Ugandans that Museveni’s security machinery and Electoral Commission will hand Muntu victory.

Museveni’s long thriving propaganda against UPC and Obote as being responsible for Uganda’s woes no longer sells. The population have long realized that UPC and Obote were not as evil as Museveni. For Gen. Muntu, a son of a prominent UPC founding member and personal friend of Obote, without being targeted but opted to join Museveni’s Bush War against the UPC was treacherous enough to invite a backlash from UPC. Much as UPC may look faded, its roots are still strong in some sections of the population and regions. For the same reason, Muntu will face a big task to convince the DP to rally behind a son of a UPC founding member.

Gen. Muntu was Museveni’s Director of Military Intelligence (DMI), Chief Political Commissar (CPC), Northern Uganda based 5th Division Commander and later overall Army Commander for a record nine years at the height of insurgency in the north and north eastern region. During his tenure the army committed heinous crimes against the population. The population don’t not know that Muntu was just a figurehead Army Commander while Museveni was directly in charge of the army’s field operations. In Muntu’s effort to de-link himself from those crimes, he will have to incriminate Museveni and some of Museveni’s top Generals. Consequently Museveni and company will fight back hence leaving Gen. Muntu gravely bruised. MUSEVENI ET AL WILL FIGHT MUNTU FOREVER to avoid being implicated in the atrocities they committed and will try to blame Muntu.

Gen. Muntu is said to be an ethnic Munyarwanda. Unfortunately Ugandans are up in rage and furry over the Banyarwanda whom they associate with the Museveni regime’s political and economic repression. In their usual survival instincts, the Banyarwanda will throw their weight behind Gen. Muntu.

Gen. Muntu left the Museveni regime and joined the FDC where he has held different top positions including the topmost, party President. What he only failed to achieve under the FDC was making it to the ballot paper as a flag bearer. He does not dispute his losses in FDC since they were as a result of a democratically free and fair process. He has an uphill task to convince Ugandans that his departure from the FDC is not solely driven by presidential ambitions.

“There are complications. There is a desire to become the president but getting there can be a problem. I have the desire, that is why I am doing what I am doing.”
Gen. Muntu – 28/9/2018

Ugandans learnt lessons from the departure and futile presidential bid of Museveni’s former Secretary General and closest confidant, Amama Mbabazi. Ugandans had hoped that having been an insider, Mbabazi was leaving with not only a significant section of Musenists, but also Museveni’s secrets pertaining to election rigging. Instead he ended up being allocated 130,000 votes countrywide. It’s coming to two decades since Gen. Muntu left the Museveni camp and if at all he had left the Museveni camp with any secret tactics, he ought to have applied them in FDC.

As a former Army chief he would cause a lot of excitement if he had left yesterday. Unfortunately it’s coming to two decades since he ended his military career. As a strict disciplinarian, his tenure as army chief, Gen. Muntu made more enemies than friends in the army. He lost the battle against thieves in the army and the few non thieves have either left the army or have adopted to thieving which is the parameter for loyalty to Museveni. Using his usual divide and rule policy, Museveni had systematically painted Gen. Muntu as being insensitive to the ordinary soldiers’ welfare and that he was a mere “blackboard General”.

Currently, the strategic positions in the military are dominated by Museveni’s ethnic Bahima who for historical reasons don’t see eye to eye with Gen. Muntu. You may recall when as FDC President, Gen. Muntu denied audience to Gen. Ssejusa. The two fell out at a time the former was army chief.

For Museveni who calls himself Ssebalwanyi (chief fighter) prides in having defeated many opponents. Gen. Muntu’s coming to the fold re-energizes Museveni to seek another round of election so that he can defeat his former Army chief. At worst, he can even opt to unleash his son as the presidential contender to violently and humiliatingly rigg out Gen. Muntu.

Therefore, unless Gen. Muntu swallows his pride and adopts the so-called radical approach to Museveni’s military dictatorship, his civil and diplomatic electioneering agenda may not sell. At best he may end at merely appearing on the ballot paper just as was the case with Gen. Biraro and Amama Mbabazi.



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