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UGANDA: Museveni plays Ugandans like a yoyo – take Makerere University as an example

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The thing with Museveni is he does things piece by piece but he already has a master plan. 

So he will go 1) Let me stop free University for all the students. I will introduce UPE. They will not notice MAK and KYU. 
2) Wait, but maybe they will get angry. So I will give scholarships for the “NEEDY” and smart ones. In this scheme, I will ensure all my Rwakatungurus get free education. 
3) Okay, they did not complain when I cut back the free education. Now let me cut the govt sponsorship to the bear minimal. But USE is coming. They will be happy and will not notice. 
4) Now we can give maximum 5000 scholarships for a population of 40mln. I know they will say nothing. We will put many other Universities and those who flank Olevel and Alevel will be happy to join the mediocre univerisities and get a “DEGREE”. 
5) Meanwhile, how are we doing with UPE and UsE? You mean the quality is bad? Okay, let those close to me open private schools so if you complain, take your kid to private schools. 
6) So far we are doing really good. Let us cut back on the meals. Piece of cake. Did you see anyone complain? 
7) Now let us really try drastic measures. Shut down Makerere and see if they will do anything. 
8) They did nothing. How about this. How far can we go? 
9) Let us make them pay tuition for even the missed 2.5mths and see if they will resist. 
10) What did I tell you Janet? WIMPS. Nothing at all. 
11) Now let us stop all government scholarships but they will all be eligible to apply for student loans. Did they complain when we introduced student loans before? NOPE. AND never mind that they cannot get jobs and pay back. So this works wonderfully for our human labour export business. 
12) How about after we announce we will stop all scholarships and they do not complain. 
13) STOP FEEDING THEM. Do ya think they will do anything about? Told ya! WIMPS. Ugandans are wimps. This is why 27 men went into the bush for 5 years and returned to steal the entire country. 
MARTHA LEAH NANGALAMA —>  You should never have been too complacent when you saw things starting to change with the most basic.  Now you have nothing with which to fight. 

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