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UGANDA: Museveni has bought off most media, journalists, news reporters, bloggers

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And then what is the problem with that if you think about it?  You who claim that we have been paid off to tell you blunt truth about how your election campaigns / electioneering is bad so far, how much have you offered us?

In politics like in business, money talks, bullshit walks.  The next time you attack anyone for talking for the regime because the person or media house has been paid, show us what you have.  We are all up for sale because we have bills to pay.

Now, you look at a #Munyampi from Isingiro University claiming that someone from Makerere University is paid by NRM.  Except this kid, what has s/he written worth of paying for such that s/he would deserve the big cash envelops we are all getting from State House?

Instead of attacking bloggers, media, journalists, news reporters maybe try attacking your real problems.  Certainly, not many of us are kicking your clans off their lands and I would be hard pressed to think that any of us are selling your kids into slavery.  I would also be hard pressed to give an example of any of us who are destroying your education institutions, putting potholes in your roads, causing daily road accidents, stealing refugees money, bastardizing civil servant pay, stealing from NSSF, deploying people to kidnap your relatives, raping, killing them or shooting some dead on spot or strangling boda boda drivers.

At the same time, remember, we are not the ones signing deals with shady contractors for example for Entebbe Expressway or even reducing the Credit Rating for Uganda via S&P, Fitch or Moodys.  It comes much easier to you to shoot the messengers.  Yet, how many deals have been signed in Japan, Russia and China this year for which Ugandans will pay for generations to come?

Every time you see a journalist, news reporter, blogger being attacked and you enlist your entire clan and tribe to also attack, you are an IDIOT.

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

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