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UGANDA: Managing Director James Tumusiime leaves The Observer

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KAMPALA (THE OBSERVER) – After more than 12 years at the helm as Managing Director of Observer Media Limited, James Tumusiime, 45, on Wednesday left the position to pursue a career in academia and put his health first.

Addressing staff at the Kamwokya-based media house, JT as he is fondly known, said: “When we started, there were 10 shareholders who were also employed by the newspaper. Over the years we have demonstrated that this newspaper is bigger than individuals, as many moved on [two passed away] and that time has come for me”.JT (third right) in a group photo with Observer staff

JT, whose 10-year struggle with debilitating migraine headaches and inflamed sinuses was well-known among staff, had taken a two-month sick leave for proper treatment, but his doctor recommended he should not continue in the stressful newsroom environment.

Used to giving 100 per cent editorially and in his other roles, JT faced his staff members with the difficult decision on Wednesday. His departure was met with glowing praise from his team, who praised him for taking the paper through some of its toughest storms and for being an inspirational leader who would be missed.

“When our founding MD Kevin [Ogen Aliro] died in November 2005 when The Observer was less than two years old, many told us to our faces the paper would collapse. JT was then just an editor, but we chose him to steer us forward and he has done so amazingly since,” The Observer’s Administrative Director Carolyne Nakazibwe said, as staff gave their outgoing MD sustained applause.

The Observer wishes JT well as he remains a cardinal part of the family he helped raise. In the interim, Finance Director Pius Mutekani Katunzi is Acting MD.


0#1 Lakwena 2018-06-22 17:02
In other words, thank JT for holding the fort this far. We also wish him well, health and wealth wherever he is heading.

Although it isn’t that easy, we as much wish the new MD and remain team well.
-1#2 Jama 2018-06-22 19:15
Wish you the best and we shall continue to pray for your recovery.

Meanwhile we shall continue to accompany those you have left behind.

0#3 Apollo 2018-06-22 19:28
Speechless! Whatever and however you did over there, we (I hope) never had enough of it.

About Migraines, you may consider some oriental remedies. There are several of them. Best Wishes.

-1#4 Akot 2018-06-22 19:36
James Tumusiime,

Thank you for giving us chance to make our views heard, even when Ugandans have no taken advantage to put in good use services offered by The Observer to come Together to make their statement as to whom the country belongs!

The Observer continues to give Ugandans chance to talk to one another, share views, yet our people don’t see it’s through papers like this that people call on one another & UNITE for common purposes, especially to bring change of governance!

As things get worse for Ugandans, I pray it’s Ugandans who will UNITE to throw Museveni out & not him Reforming the Republic alone as he wishes & justs goes on!

Ugandans MUST wake up & put to good use space/chance The Observer offers, not to complain for yet another 30 years while doing NOTHING to remove Museveni, but to UNITE & throw him out!…

-1#5 Akot 2018-06-22 19:40
…James Tumusiime, thank you so much, I pray you continue to render service to Ugandans, who, I pray, will finally wake up to appreciate the kind of human work you do, which today is the only means for people to come together to: discuss, share views, unite for common purposes, help one another even from a distance to bring the changes they are/will be proud to make their children part of!

Ugandans are not even aware that without The Observer, Akot would never have had the chance to bore the with: UNITY, citing our dirty past so that we see it’s us who have the power to bring the changes necessary then ensure we make it different after & this can only be through our UNITY for common purposes, just as the rest of the word does!…

-1#6 Akot 2018-06-22 19:45
…The Observe is means for Ugandans to talk to one another, especially when public gathering that does not come to praise Museveni-campaign for him…are not allowed: Kayihura made it a point of honour to put in place the most totalitarian army/police that work for only Museveni, right?

The only chance Ugandans have is through media & if our people don’t use it to UNITE, they will never get rid of Museveni nor will the outside world say a word about them or how they are ruled!

Just yester day a UN official talked only about refugees in Uganda!

James Tumusiime, good luck for your next post!

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