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UGANDA: Luganda is not an international language

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In any case, your tribe was wiped off the map.

I attend many conferences and workshops and present at some.

Not once did I see a presentation in Luganda.

The first person who “corrected” my Luganda was a maid in Oman. The second one was a guard in Iraq.

It is public knowledge that most alumni from Namagunga did not learn Luganda. We were more like Shakespear and STEM.

BUT, you are a maid in Oman likely from Nakaloke SS correcting my Luganda. When the Arabs kill your kabina, I will not cry.

At least abuse me in Lumasaba.  My Lumasaba is impeccable like my Lutsungu.  Why I am sure of this is one time, I was participating in a queeze to relearn Lumasaba, the leader asked us the name for monkey in Lumasaba.  You have 3 minutes.  I quick sent SMS / SOS to my siblings who are fluent in Lumasaba “how do we call a monkey in Lugisu? I have only min”.

None of my siblings gave me the answer.  It is INGOBE (after calling every Mugisu in my phone).  So and I am supposed to write perfect Luganda.  Kwenda wuko.  I am not even a Muganda!!!


PROUD SON OF MASABA FROM BUDUDA MT. ELGON. Temumanyila. Some of you cannot even locate your ancestors.
Mine are Yokana Weboya, Tabisa Nakami, Pawulo Wamono, Annet Nandutu. GRANDPARENTS.

Do you see anything like Namutebi or Matovu????

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