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UGANDA: Life of a cunning cat.

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Pumpkin Nangalama

Pumpkin is a psycho cat. All she does is sleep. The damn cat sleeps like 36hrs daily.

We all close our bedrooms when we go to sleep.

One time, I woke up in the night to susu. Becky’s door was open. But how is this possible. Went in and this psycho cat is in my kid’s bed wide awake.

We had a talk. Pumpkin and I.

Following week, Pumpkin is in Natasha’s bed. But Tasha really closes her door tight. I even have to knock 3 times.

So, I took the cat out and had a talk with her “stop breaking into rooms”.

Following day, I feel fur by my face. Pumpkin had broken the lock and was now breathing down my neck. In the dark, she has diamond eyes. I thought it was an alien…like ET. I put on the light.

This psycho cat is glaring at me like “Your opinion of me does not matter”.

We ended up with some kind of UN Peace Agreement. Now, Pumpkin can go in any room she wants, piss off any occupants, get away with it. And must get food and medical.

None of the people who got this cat care about the costs of this occupation. She has freaking Animal Right Advocates. The poor terrorized occupied Ugandan has zero rights.



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