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UGANDA: Land Grabbing did not start with @KagutaMuseveni

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In 1986, while waiting 9mths for Olevel results to be released, something happened.

A BIG person on our mother’s village tried to evict ourmother from her land. That was land my Khotsa Essau had bought for her when he used to be a Medical Officer at Bududa Hospital. He had bought that land when I was in P3 in the 70s.

Mother refused and threw kavuuyo like you even have any idea. Come to think about it, I have her genes.

Mother was arrested. She spent 3 days in the BududaPrison. It used to be called Manjiya County Prison.

To get mother out, we needed money. I was working for that Ethiopian Textile factory in Jinja that time but it was not month end salary yet.

I walked into the office of that Most wonderful lady owner. I requested her to authorise a salary advance. I then explained to her the situation. She gave me the equivalent of 10 times of what was needed.

Month end came and I still got my salary. I then went into her office and reminded her that she had givenme an advance.

Imagine my shock. She says “We are actually going to give you a raise”. Gracious. I thanked her.

Now, you have to remember that I got that job through deceit. “White lies”. Factories always prefer school drop outs.

On my applying, I had told them that I dropped out of S2 (Grade 9) because school was too hard and my parents could not afford my school fees. LUCKY ME. No one asked which school.

FAST FORWARD. August 1987.

I went to the factory to say good bye to my bosses and colleagues. Actually the two guards at the gate weremy favourite people. I had to talk with them for awhile to explain that I would not be coming to visit every term holiday.

Then I went inside. My lady boss did a trick. About half of the workers knew me. The other half were new. Factory jobs have a very high turnover. Textile is even worse.

*** I will tell you the trick Lady Boss played on me in the next post next month.

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