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UGANDA: Know who you are dealing with

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By MARTHA LEAH NANGALAMA, October 20, 2020

Following in the footsteps of my mentor Omar Kalinge-Nnyago, I now also tell you who I am.

I am Martha Leah Nangalama. I was born in Bududa, Uganda. I was raised in Bududa but I also lived in Nairobi for a while. I am a Canadian citizen.

Prior to joining the fight to liberate our country, Uganda, from the NRM #alNakuba occupiers, I was a parent. I was a sister to my siblings. I was a niece to many uncles and aunties. I was a dedicated (this one needs me to check though between employee, colleague, wife, community volunteer, dedicated employee, ..nebilala nebilala).

Today, October 20, 2020, I do not even remember who I was. Who I am. Uganda has turned my life upside down I no longer remember where we started.

Despite all the above, when I read how Omar introduced himself, I felt inspired to maybe one day also introduce myself outside of politics and activism. For me, I think that when you are in doubt of who you are and what your mission is, look inside your heart. Your heart will never lie to you. Certainly, you can reach out to elders and Omar is an excellent person to contact if you are ever in doubt about your journey.

Back to who MLN is. I was raised in Uganda and Kenya. I am a Canadian citizen. I am an opposition and activist against the current Military regime of Uganda.

Writer, Editor, Blogger, Social Media person. “Voice for the voiceless”.

Current employment is non of your biziwaks. You could Google it though.

I hold a Masters degree from University of Toronto, a Bachelors from Trent University (Canada) and an IB Diploma from UWC Lester B. Pearson College (Canada’s IB school for students of immense potential in the world). 😎😎🇺🇬🇺🇬😂😂🇨🇦🇨🇦 Come to think about it, my own brothers and sisters would knock me off social media. Some of you need tough critics. I dare never say anything on social media until I evaluate how my siblings and cousins will react to it.


I strongly believe that Uganda has no opposition. Uganda opposition only look for jobs every 5yrs. Currently, you see people scrambling to get into parliament so that they also can eat. Consequently, and THEREFORE, Uganda politics is for eating.

I believe in education and many of you have seen my advocacy for education for Uganda. This is because I think that Education is the Foundation and all children of the world should be given free quality education.

I am against Modern Slavery. This is exemplified by my adamant fight against Uganda selling youths to Arabs. 

I believe in Community. A village raises a child. We should return to community.

… Is this where I say that our teachers should be paid more than MPigs?….

Or, should I even dare ask, “what are you doing to move Uganda forward?” Start where you stand. You are there on Twitter and Fakebook saying #MuseveniMustGo. The next week, you are on the streets of Kampala banging saucepans yelling “#Museveni, twagala emeele. We want food”. If I were as dense as you, I would not be on the internet.


I will never ever run for political office. Not in Uganda and not even in Canada. And France is of course never an option. I wish we could see that politics is not a way out of poverty. For a fact, education is the best way out of poverty. I think that when you look at Uganda, you will see that education is no longer respected and politicians with fake degrees rule the day. ONE DAY, YOU WILL PAY A HIGH PRICE for encouraging, teaching, mentoring OUR children to only see their future as politicians. In any case, you all know that those kids will be killed.

** I will prolly add on. As usual *** 

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