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UGANDA: @KagutaMuseveni was right when he said “Plan For Your Kids” – @RugyendoQuotes @NadaAndersen @Ug_Edge

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Photo of Museveni with Canada’s Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau – Photo maybe subject to copyright

Is President Yoweri Museveni the problem?

Of course he is. The fact that Museveni is the problem is indisputable. You only have to read Uganda media and watch Youtube videos of his brutality.

Yet, while we all know that he will rule forever, we fail to #PlanForYourKids.

This is a true story.

There is this young man in FDC I have been friends with since 2013 while he was still at Makerere University where one can now get a Boda Boda Diploma.

One time, he texted me “my kid is sick”. I sent UGX 50k so that he could take the kid to a pediatrician (4yr old girl). I believe in taking kids to pediatricians no matter the cost.

Not too much later, he texted me “I do not have fees for my son” — son is 6yrs old.

Finally, I confronted him. You see, when you have money, you can talk.

“You graduated in 2007. How many jobs have you held since then? We need to ensure the job you currently have can take care of your family”.

REPLY: “Yes my sister. I did graduate but have never held a job. I am an FDC diehard and I know I will get a job after Our People’s President gets into StateHouse”.

Now I am looking at this guy and formulating very BIG words in my head in order to strike him with #CommonSense.

I also did not graduate from University till I was age 27. I kinda had some bumps in my education life and repeated far too many classes and took many retakes it was not even funny. However, I got a job before graduating at age 27. While I was in my last year of school, I #PlannedForMyKids. I did not have any kids at that time but you do not go off producing kids before planning for them.

I am looking at this guy and finally, I talk. “Did you know that Dr. Kizza Besigye has only one child? His son is in Harvard University in USA”.

My dear brother asks me “What is Harvard and where is that at?”

This is when I knew we have a lost cause. We have kids living and breathing Opposition and they have never heard of Harvard U.

We have kids who think that Kwekalakasa (protesting and demos) is a job.

We have kids who are too busy shouting #MuseveniMustGo and yet they could be looking for jobs.

We have kids who are a lost cause and are producing kids hoping #MuseveniMustGo will feed the children and pay school fees.

We have an ENTITLED generation thinking Opposition will cure our ills. Uganda has no opposition. Do not even get into a debate with me over this issue.

How can you be age 37 with a University degree and never have held a job? #Mweberemu.


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