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UGANDA: Just like Mumbere, has the Kabaka raised a private army!!!

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CHANGE OF GUARDS – The Rwenzururu King Mumbere got into trouble with the Museveni regime in November 2016 when the latter ordered his troops to storm the former’s palace before completely destroying it with fire, killing hundreds of Mumbere’s subjects and taking him hostage together with hundreds of his subjects.  Mumbere was accused of raising a private army in the names of Ishimango or Royal Guards.  He was incarcerated over treasonous allegations before being banished from his Kingdom.

The most influential of all the Kings and cultural leaders in Uganda, the Kabaka of Buganda is heavily guarded by Museveni’s army.  Though he is traditionally supposed to have a ceremonial kingdom Royal Guards called Abambowa, currently it is just comprised of a few unarmed individuals.  While delivering his speech last month at the closure of a women’s conference in Kampala organised by his wife Sylvia Nagginda, the Kabaka said transparency and decisiveness must be exhibited by police in protecting particularly women.

           “It is very appalling as women continue to be killed.  This is when we ask, where will our people seek protection? It is surprising that police continue to investigate, but such investigations are endless and reports are kept secret. No one gets to know the outcomes,” the Kabaka said.

News doing rounds is that the Kabaka has provided personal security to Justice (Rtd) Kanyeihamba whose Police security was withdrawn a few days ago.  It is not yet clear what kind of security has the Kabaka provided since he is not known to own any private security company. The withdraw is said to come at a time  the retired Justice allegedly started receiving threats from a UPDF general.

Kanyeihamba claims that the General last week told him that he was a few minutes from arrest, due to his continuous attack on the image of the government through his publications.

According to the statement issued by Kanyeihamba’s Lawyers;

         “The condition outlined by the General for freedom is for Prof. Kanyeihabma to immediately stop all antigovernment publications or writings especially those that tell Ugandans that President Museveni always loses elections and his opponents always win; and comparing Museveni with ousted leaders like Gaddafi, Ben Ali of Tunisia, Mubarak of Egypt and their ilk who had a talent for manufacturing consent, popularity and electoral victories only to be exposed by revolutions led by the very masses they used to oppress and dupe,” said Kanyeihamba’s lawyers.

The statement further disclosed that with no security at his home, their client decided to seek refuge in church at Namirembe C. O. U headquarters, but was not welcomed.

The statement further disclosed that their client elected to turn to his old friend, the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mutebi.

      “Our client ran to Bulange, Mengo, where he was properly received and given directions to the palace where the Kabaka was.  Our client shared his security fears with the Kabaka of Buganda – a personal friend of Prof. Dr. G. W. Kanyeihamba since their days in exile. The Kabaka is in the meantime giving emergency security to our client until the situation normalizes.”

Asked what kind of security was provided by the king, — who is guarded by the UPDF –, Counsel Kiiza told some sections of the press that the security officials from the palace “are not deployed 24/7 at the judge’s house, but they keep monitoring the situation, and since yesterday but one, they have been doing a great job.”

The lawyer says Justice Kanyeihamba has not reported the threats to the Police;         
    “………..because the police are part of the problem. This is why we decided to appeal to the public first. We are also considering legal options at our disposal,” he added.

Museveni always blackmails both leaders and ordinary Ugandans by claiming monopoly in provision of security.  He just can’t afford to see the Kabaka venturing into provision of security to some Ugandans.  To Museveni, by doing so, the Kabaka would be indulging in politics.

Therefore, going by the developments above, there is no doubt the stage is set for a potential clash between Museveni and the Kabaka.  However, given the fragile political environment pertaining to Museveni and the Baganda courtesy of the coming on the political scene of Bobi Wine, Museveni may opt to outwardly ignore.  Behind the curtain, he will use his usual ‘unknown’ security goons to neutralise the so-called security detail that the Kabaka has extended to Kanyeihamba.

Just watch the space.


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