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UGANDA: Judge @KagutaMuseveni on #EvacuateUgandansInWuhan gently – @JanetMuseveni @RugyendoQuotes @NadaAndersen @UG_Edge @GoslinoJ

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Here is the update on chartering a plane to fly from China to Entebbe to evacuate our kids and any other Ugandans who need to return home.

As you know from my updates, I secured a plane at the cost of USD $750K tops to charter a plane to fly from Shanghai or Beijing to Entebbe. I added my time at my consulting cost of $500/hr.

At first, my estimate was the $750,000 for the charter and I added 48hrs of my time. However, this week, I have found out that more hours are needed. I then ended up allocating 100hrs at $500/hr and ended up at around $800,000.

Now, if you all read your Uganda media, you will find out that the govt is saying they do not have money to charter a plane to evacuate from China to Uganda. You will also have noticed that some parents have been flying their kids home. The whole thing of flying people from an epicenter of a virus not even the best researchers and doctors understand is that you might not be prepared to handle the after crisis.

I have to commend the MoH because they are quarantining all people flying home.  With a massive evacuation on a charter plane, coordination is needed and I have to work with the govt and Ministry of Health. So far, I have placed only 2 Long Distance Telephone (LDT) calls to Statehouse and some of you saw the notes I took from those 2 calls. I have not received a call back from President Yoweri Museveni yet. However, I am confident that he will call me soon.

He is surrounded by people who do not tell him the truth. They inflate costs. Where cost is $1mln, they quote for him $3mln. This is stealing from our suffering tax payers. None of these people quoting millions can account for that money. The company I am working with to charter the plane will account and has a good record, will account for the cost. I will also account for my charges.

Did you know that in Canada, due to money laundering, one cannot receive a wire transfer of anything above $10,000 without the Bank reporting to CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). And one cannot send any amount bigger than $1,000 via Western Union, Money Gram or Paypal. Consequently, the funds will be accounted for.

As much as we want to blame Museveni for all our problems (I am on top of the list), we must remember that he has over 100 advisors, some 450 MPs, many ministers and state ministers. Museveni cannot fix all the problems of Uganda alone. We must partner with him to help him help our country.

It was ridiculous when Adam Luzindana Buyinza told me that he had gotten a Charter Plane to evacuate and he was only looking at $3mln. Come on people, let us wake up. No wonder Museveni said it is too costly to charter a plane. Meanwhile, we have a plane for less than $1mln. #Mwebereremu.

I have experience in disaster evacuations and the aftermath. The only thing different this time is we are dealing with a Global Medical Virus Outbreak. I hope you remember this when you demand that Museveni evacuates your kids. He is also being faced with the first Global Medical Outbreak in all his life. People are trying to take advantage of him but I do not think they will win this time because LEAH is in the house.

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