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UGANDA: It is not about English, it is about Communication – I am fluent in other languages

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Hon PM Rugunda Ruhakana, Image may be subject to copyright

MARTHA LEAH NANGALAMA – I have noticed that some of you people claim that I only know English (the Queen’s Language). This is an indisputable fact though. Except, I also know other languages. FOCUS.  Below are 2 letters I wrote in the past demonstrating why I am really good in Lumasaba, Luganda and of course Impeccable English.  MLN

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Open letter to PMO Ruhukana Ruganda @RuhakanaR on Social Media regulation #Uganda

Papa uyrena?

Indi khuwandira lwekhuba ukana govt irregulating Social Media.  Ushebulila shesi khwakhola nga mwa blocking Social Media?

Namanyile ini wakhumanya Lumasaba ttta kale khenganikhe Luganda lwesi wamanya.

Last year wagenda eluweero empty handed nogamba abantu abali baffa enjala nti ogenda kukola investigation.  Nembuza buli muntu, mulogo kyi agenda okulaba abantu abaffe enjala nabatwalire bure bure!  Naye abantu nebakaba kunbanga tolina mutima.  Atte tolina kyisa.

Do you remember that under your appointment as Minister of Education, you let Uganda Healthcare go to the dogs?  See below what Wikipedia has as information on you and it is not conclusive.
Ruhakana Rugunda (born 7 November 1947) is a Ugandan politician who has been Prime Minister of Uganda since 2014. A physician by profession, he held a long series of Cabinet posts under President Yoweri Museveni beginning in 1986. He served as Uganda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1994 to 1996 and as Minister of Internal Affairs from 2003 to 2009. Subsequently he was Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2009 to 2011 and Minister of Health from 2013 to 2014.
He was appointed as Prime Minister on 18 September 2014. He replaced Amama Mbabazi, who was dropped from the Cabinet.[1]

Rugunda was born in Kabale District on 7 November 1947. As a young boy, he would often sit and read the newspapers to his father Surumani Rugunda, and it is these experiences at an early age that sparked his later interest in politics. Rugunda attended Kigezi High School and Busoga College Mwiri where he served as head prefect, before joining the Makerere University Medical School and later the University of Zambia where he studied medicine, graduating a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. He later studied at the University of California, Berkeley and obtained a Master of Science in public health.[2] Before joining Ugandan politics, Rugunda worked as medical officer in Zambia, as a physician at the District of Columbia General Hospital in Washington, D. C., and at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.[citation needed]
Political career[edit]

While attending Makerere University in Uganda, Rugunda, commonly referred to as “Ndugu” (Swahili for “brother”) by friends, served as President of the National Union of Students of Uganda (NUSU), a politically vibrant youth movement. As a young political activist, Rugunda was part of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and was said to be close to President Apollo Milton Obote. Rugunda was one of a few who had been seen by Obote as future leaders of the party and country. In one of the last interviews before his death, Obote lamented as to why the brilliant Rugunda had gotten himself entangled with Yoweri Museveni and the National Resistance Movement.
In 1985 he met with the leaders of the Ugandan National Resistance Movement (NRM) at the inn “Zum grünen Jäger” in Unterolberndorf, Austria, for a conspirative conference to elaborate a political programme for the liberated Uganda.

After Museveni took power in 1986, Ruganda held a long series of Cabinet posts: he was Minister of Health from 1986 to 1988, Minister of Works, Transport and Communication from 1988 to 1994, Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1994 to 1996, Minister of Information from 1996 to 1998, Minister at the Presidency from 1998 to 2001, Minister of Water, Lands and Environment from 2001 to 2003, and Minister of Internal Affairs from 2003 to 2009.[3]

He also served as Chairman of the NRM Electoral Commission, as Member of Parliament for Kabale Municipality, and as President of the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).[4] In July 2006, Rugunda led a Ugandan government negotiating team to Juba, Sudan to hold peace talks with the Lord’s Resistance Army.

In January 2009, he was appointed as Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations. At the same time, the position was elevated to Cabinet Ministerial level in Uganda.[5] He twice served as the President of the Security Council in July 2009 and in October 2010 during Uganda’s two-year stint on the Security Council. In the cabinet reshuffle of 27 May 2011, he was instead appointed as Minister of Information and Communication Technology. In May 2013, he was moved to the post of Minister of Health, replacing Christine Ondoa, who became an advisor to the President of Uganda on public health matters.

Rugunda was appointed as Prime Minister on 18 September 2014.[3]
Now you are in BAD VISION saying that you want some lawyers to get together and work with the Al Nakba NRM occupiers to craft out a law on Social Media.  What a new day.  I would like to give you my credentials to be considered as a consultant for whatever you have in mind.
Martha Leah Nangalama

Her Royal Highness Princess of Bududa and mother of 4 daugters.
My father is one Daniel Nangalama who used to be a seniour person with Uganda Posts and Telecomunications (the defunt UPTL).

I am a Mugisu by birth and from the village of Bukirimwa in Bududa.  I hope my lineage will help you understand why I should be on your team for laws about Social Media.

Perhaps you should know that I am an IT professional with decades in IT and on Social Media since it was invented.  But all this does not matter.  You need to only look at my name and who I know who knows me and knows other people.  I am Nangalama and that ought to be enough to get me a good contract and put medicine in Bududa and Mbale Hospitals.  Perhaps if you scratched under the surface, you might find out that not once has nepotism ever paid my bills.

So in your arrogance, you do not realise that your government flies people abroad for medical treatment because you single handedly destroyed the medical system in Uganda.  When is the last time any of your family members born a baby in a Uganda hospital?  I also cannot remember bearing a kid in a Ugandan hospital.

Mr. Rugunda (not Honourable, you have to earn it), which schools did you send your children to?  And your grand children?  I bet you did not send them to Bulucheke Primary School.  When is the last time you took a boda boda from Rukungiri all the way to Kibale to sell the milk from your few cows and then got home safe?

But tell us, when is the last time that you and your friends got treated for malaria or bad belly aches in Mulago?  I bet all your cancers are not treated in Mulago either.

So you want to get lawyers to help you set up some regulations for how Ugandans need to use Social Media legally.  But until you feed them, repair the roads, put equipment in hospitals, books in schools, pay UPF and UPDF and all the past salaries, you might want to let Social Media be free so that you can get feedback from the people.  You see, when you silence dissent, it means that you will only read about these things on a global forum as you are doing now and yet if you had allowed Ugandans to have voices, I would not speak for them and tell the world that #Uganda is a Failed State under your watch and the watch of Dictator #Museveni.

Do not forget that you are on record for telling Ugandans to leave the country and go seek Greener Pastures and you have never talked about why our country sells our graduates to Arabs as slaves.  But alas, you do encourage Brain Drain and you believe in Uganda?  May God show His face one day because we are not gonna follow the 77 DOGS of Holly Rice and drink Holly Water as our elders yearn for Holly Tea and our Lake is infested by our own fecal matter!  Neither shall we allow ourselves to walk away from the massacres committed in broad daylight.
Martha Leah Nangalama

#BududaProud joins #AprilRevolution. The rest will be history.  You better listen to Ugandans or else someone will kotoho in your pohoo!


UGANDA: Open letter to @KagutaMuseveni – LUMASABA

Sunday, May 12, 2019

HE. Gen. President Yoweri Museveni
State House, Uganda

May 12, 2019

RE: Persecution of opposition

Papa mulembe naabi.

Ingushesa ni lukosi lwekhuba uli papa wose.

Nenga uli ni tsisambo tsimbi. Inyala ineniela khu wadikhila tsi baluwa likhumi na tsirano.

Shiwilamo tta.

Ukhamanye bishina bitsinisa babanu befe nga shu soma tta?

Mu 2013 & 2014, nakhulomela ini nga warusile balebe khu marokho bakha rise up.

Papa, mu 2015, nakhuwandikhila nga indi khukhusaba “what about our youth?”.

Papa, byesi uli khukhola khu opposition. Ari babanu bakhurire. Kweli ukana buli munu akharye?

Papa, bona abanu be Apaa. Utsya khubarusa khu marakha kawe?

Papa, shu wulila kamasika tta. Babanu beffe bali khulila buli lunakhu. Ukhawulile lina?

Born and raised in Bududa

—— AUTO – GENERATED; Published (Halifax Canada Time AST) on: February 05, 2020 at 04:45PM

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