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CHANGE OF GUARDS – To justify his five year sectarian Bush War, Museveni accused the then sitting UPC government and its predecessor of Iddi Amin of running Armies that were dominated by their tribesmen or soldiers originating from their regions. The July 1985 DP/Catholic Church instigated military coup against UPC by the Okellos was premised on grounds that the Langi in the Army were letting the majority Acholi soldiers bear the brunt of the war against Museveni’s NRA in Luwero. Since coming to power, Museveni’s army has faced accusations of being dominated by the southern Bantu and in particular the ‘Banyankole’. Unconvincing responses have repeatedly been issued and 35 years now, the strategic top command of the army continues to be dominated by ‘Westerners’.

The ongoing carnage by Museveni’s security goons is portraying an ugly picture with regard to the issue of dominance by certain ethnic groups or regions.

1. The LDU personnel who are reported to have been arrested for manhandling the LC5 Chairman are  L/Cpl. Anguria Simon Peter, Pte.  Odeke Simon Peter, Pte. Masundi Caroline and Pte. OKELLO Isaac.

2. The soldiers who were arrested for the recent killing of the Kasese church leader were L/Cpl. Abraham Lokwapa,  Pte. Nyero Jackson and Pte. Otim Joel. The sham trial convicted and sentenced L/Cpl.  Abraham Lokwapa to 35 years imprisonment.

3. The soldiers who have just been arrested for killing a one Ogwang Francis in Gulu are L/Cpl. Geoffrey Ogwang, Pte. Jolly Opoka and Pte. Felix Okumu. The convict was sentence to life in prison.

4. Of the 10 police and 6 military personnel who were arrested for torturing civilian women at Elegu border town in April, the following were from the police; Cpl. Odong Joseph, PC Opado Moses, PC Opio Augustine, PC Okello Bosco and PC Okello Jimmy.  From the army were L/Cpl. Awiny Aboni, Pte. Eboku John Mark, Pte Oyo Sylvester.

5. In December 2019 the police in Abim District arrested three LDUs attached to Otalabar army detachment for shooting dead a 10 year old boy. They were Steven Ongom, Godfrey Ogwang and Otim Moses.

6. In March 2003, the military court in Kitgum sentenced two soldiers to death for murder and an hour later they were put on firing squad. They were Alfred Okech, Richard Wigit.

7. In March 2002, the army court in Moroto sentenced Cpl. James Omedio and Pte. Abudalah Muhammad to death for allegedly killing the Irish Priest, Fr. O’Toole. The two were put on firing squad a few hours after being sentenced.

8. In April 2020, the army chief apologised to the three women, Satiya Achaya, Aloyo Hadija and Christine Awori who had been captured on camera being battered by LDUs in Kampala. However, the names of the culprits were kept secret and obviously, it must be the usual Okellos and Opios.

9. In March 2020, the army’s Division reported that it had arrested 10 LDUs from  Kampala area and another 13 from the rest of the country for misconduct but kept the names secret.

10. In December 2019, the army announced that it was set to try 100 LDU personnel for gun misuse but did not disclose their identities. What is obvious is that the bigger part must be comprised of Okellos and Opios.

11. Around late April this year, ISO’s Events and Protocol officer,  Ariong Oskol (52) who had been attached to the Ministry of Transport for purposes of distributing the COVID-19 car stickers was convicted of giving sticker to unauthorised people (3 Pakistanis).

12. Around early May this year, ISO’s head of Information and Technical Operations, Simon Peter Odong was shot in the leg by CMI and SFC officers in front of his wife and children. His wife was forced to clean blood from the floor and to tie her husband’s gunshot wound. He was charged with unclear offences and is currently being held incommunicado at Makindye Barracks.

13. In December 2019, with impunity Gen. Tumwine publicly humiliated Gen. Charles Angina over a land row. 

The list is endless.

However, in April 2020, Museveni tasked Col. Nakalema to investigate the brutal conduct and extortion by the LDUs whom he described as “Pigs” but nothing has changed. When a Local Defence Unit personnel who hails from Buganda region is sent to serve in Karamoja, does the term ‘Local’ still apply or it should be replaced by the word ‘National’?


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