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UGANDA: Is formal communication history? @LokomoPeter @RugyendoQuotes @NadaAndersen

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The way I lambast Ugandan youth for not knowing how to write formal letters, you would think I have done better with my own kids.

Now, while setting up my Amazon seller store last month, I ran into this part where Amazon asked for my passport and a copy of my most recent bank statement.

Quick. I used my phone and took a copy of my passport and uploaded it.

Bank statement, I have not seen a printed bank statement in many years. So,I uploaded an ecopy.

Both were rejected. Who even does that? Had to go to BMO and get a printed copy. As for the passport, that was worse. Imagine I have been using this passport for 5yrs and had no idea there is a part where I have to sign.

Natasha has to send some documents (snail mail, post office). The kid has never mailed a letter in her whole 18yrs. “Mom, why can I not just use my iPhone,take pics and upload?”

Then the good one. “Mom, they want a copy of my void cheque. What does that even mean?”

She went further, “how do you mean I can fax the documents or scan? My iPhone is really good”.

We are back to square zero. Traditional communication.  It is really mind blowing how many corporations, education institutions, etc.. still rely on hard paper communication.

Likely because the key decision makers are old, traditional, and grew up writing letters home. It would be interesting to see some of the letters we used to write, put in an envelop, lick it, address it, walk to the Post Office and mail it.

Far too many of us no longer write home. What a loss.  The faces of people who receive personal letters, hand written and from the mail man. Ohhh.. those were #ThemGoodOldDays.

I am finding this experience very humbling because many of the Uganda youth I help with scholarships have never mailed a letter in their lives.  Ain’t that something???


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