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UGANDA: I blocked a friend because of her social media posts about @FrankGashumba

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In 2017, Frank Gashumba and his brother were arrested on flimsy charges and paraded in front o Uganda media.

When I looked at the arrest and the charges, I knew he would walk free. I have been in more court rooms than most of Museveni’s Immunized Bazukulu.

PHOTO of Frank Gashumba in court. Photo may be subject to copyright

I put up a defense on all my social media platform accounts that Gashumba was being framed.

A young lady I had known for years commented on my post and even made her own post “Gashumba is just a thug. He even asks people to send him money to pay for his data”. I did not take this lightly because all of us have charges for Telecommunication and if we ask you to contribute to our costs, it does not make us thugs.

I blocked many people around that Gashumba arrest. Ugandans were not making sense at all. I tried to get into legal jargon with people but they were more interested in the poko poko.

Be very careful about what you say on Social Media. One of the people I blocked recently contacted me to participate in a small SACCO of friends and I declined saying maybe we try it next month as I am very broke at the moment. I am always broke though.

The first thing that went through my head was “Damn it. You knew I was friends with Frank when you posted that rant calling him a thug and being that he is my brother, that also makes me a thug”.

I will never ever participate in any project with anyone who abused, attacked and tried to denigrate Frank Gashumba.  Your social media leaves a foot print and I happen to have a photographic memory.

Your Emotional Intelligence cannot be that high when you know that I am a friend with Gashumba and then you attempt to trash him. That means you are trashing me too. And that means you are my enemy since you are an enemy to Gashumba.

Granted, Gashumba is very arrogant. Oh yes he is. However, all of you who are polite and not arrogant, when did you ever address Uganda problems and tell the masses to WAKE UP?? When?

I can even now tell you that when Gashumba was chased out of Makerere University and he said “you are just dogs on campus”, he was right. They said he had never attended Makerere so he should not be talking to the yIntelleketchos soon to be sold to Arabs as slaves.  I also never went to Makerere but does this give you a right to chase me off your campus should I come for a speech to teach you about real life?

Look at Makerere since the day they chased Gashumba away. Who would even want to go to a University which offers courses in Boda Boda? Maybe you. Certainly, it will never be MLN or my children. You are a spoilt bunch of brats who have learned the alphabet but can neither read nor write. You have learned how to count 1 to 100 but cannot add or subtract. You do not even know how to create jobs. You are always whining about govt must give you jobs. Then you sink as low as telling Gashumba (an employer and job creator) “Do not talk to us. We are getting degrees”.

Makerere University should disclose the list of their alumni and what jobs they are doing. You would be hard pressed to find out that 95% of their superbly intelligent graduates do not get a paying job for the first 5 to 9yrs. Balebete just. Temutumanyila. We are tired of your ENTITLED upbringings and zero Critical Analysis.

*** Yes, I am still angry about how some of you treated Frank Gashumba and I hold grudges for life.

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