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UGANDA: I am registering for a political party ANT – @MugishaMuntu @HeBobiWine @FDCofficial1 @SejuDav

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Daniel Nangalama, Martha Leah Nangalama

I left Uganda when I was too young to vote.  Even here in Canada, I have always voted for LIBERALS (Justin Trudeau) party but have never paid for membership.

ANT will be the first party I join and it will be worth every penny.
FDC people trashed me big time.  I will never get over it.  FDC barking dogs kept trashing Gen. Mugisha Muntu for many years.  I kept praising Dr. Kizza Besigye all those years while telling FDC that MM is not a mole and will never be a mole.  Their spokesman Harold Kaija once posted a comment on Facebook to me. “Leah, all your social media makes no difference.  Come back here and fight on the ground”.  I replied to Kaija… but you people have been on the ground since 2001 and what have you accomplished?

Bobi Wine is another story.  One of his mobilizers in the US, in a People Power WhatsApp group said “Bobi Wine does not even know you.  You only post things to get attention”.  Which shocked me because I have enough attention but for Bobi to be surrounded by such retards, he better think again.

Sure, I could work with NRM.  If I were to place 4 phone calls to Uganda, Muntu, Besigye, Bobi, Museveni, the first person that would return my call would be Museveni.


I join ANT because of discipline.  I have written a lot about Gen. Mugisha Muntu and Discipline.  If you look at the last 3 months of opposition attacking each other, you will hardly find ANT people attacking the other opposition.  I also happen to know that MM is on record as the longest CDF of Uganda, something which most FDC barking dogs do not know. And neither are the hurry come ups of PP.  Muntu is a force to recon with.  He is not your typical photo ops, live pressers daily.  He works silently.  I also know that were Muntu to be shot dead, ANT would survive unlike FDC where even POA is just a brief case carrier for Besigye.  Unlike PP where most of them are literally illiterate and this would not be a problem but they campaign with only photos and videos.

I think Ugandans need to understand that no donor, funder, lender, will allow indiscipline.  Yes, of course Bobi has awaken the youth.  But do you people have any idea of the role of Museveni’s army in Africa and the Middle East?  Then the ongoing fights among the security forces?  Who can control Museveni’s thug security organs?  Certainly, Gen. Mugisha Muntu can.  Gen. Sejusa can.  Mbabazi can.  Besigye cannot.  Bobi cannot.  What would the world that funds the Museveni regime want?  Do the Maths.

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda


My editor in Kampala just told me that it was a bold statement.  I told him….. who will step in if anything happens to Bobi?  For ANT, I already know that Alaso will run it.  I hate wasting my time.  I did 5.5yrs on Besigye.

This time, I need to see better.  Bobi gonna have to step up.  OR else… and in any case, he is the one opposition leader most in danger and I do not accept that bullshit that if anything happens to him, the world will condemn Museveni.  Museveni massacred hundreds of people in Kasese on live cameras and the world did absolutely nothing.

Even rewarded him.  So the nonsense of Bobi this and Bobi that.  Dude might get Abirigated then PP dies?????  AND besides, most people campaigning for Bobi and PP have zero qualifications.  Some of us do but we are the minority.  The others can barely read or write.  They use audio, video, photos.  How the bloody hell could those people read oil contracts?  I am livid.

I think Bobi needs to know how Leah is angry at his strategy.  I do not even need the PP manifesto but his team is really not doing very well.   I would choose Museveni over Bobi any day given how they are acting.

But God has a sense of humour.  He is like….okay, so the youth are not to par, look at Muntu.  That voice in your head that keeps telling you things.  God is good though.  MLN

Augustine Ojobile I need a list of other retired Generals freely engaging in politics
Delete, hide or report this

Martha Leah Nangalama But I posted that list many many times. Why is it that you do not read everything I post and only jump on a few things? Kwenda wuko. I am not a librarian.

Martha Leah Nangalama What I find surprising is you, one of the attackers of Gen. Mugisha Muntu does not have the list of Uganda’s CDFs. Just like most FDC barking dogs who attack him and recently the PP youth. You ought all need to learn how to use Google. Gen. Mugisha Muntu is the longest CDF Uganda has ever had since independence. 

He did about 9.5yrs. Others did short stints. Mugisha Muntu was offered Minister of Defence, he declined and retired. AND for your information, he was given only UGX 50mln for his retirement. He injected that money into his quarry business. He is one of the original Bush generals that has never stolen, looted, land grabbed or taken advantage of his position. 
You will also remember that he worked in Intel. Muntu got his degree from Makerere at age 23 (my relatives were also graduating with him) and went straight to the bush. His father was a UPC diehard. When Muntu joined NRA, he was accused of being a mole by many people. Actually, that young man only wanted to fight for his country. 
FOR THIS REASON, I will never allow any of my friends or family to denigrate Muntu. Because at age 23, I had also completed my bachelors and settled for a Masters in Canada and there is no way in hell I would have gone fighting for some country. Neither Uganda, nor Canada. FDC must learn respect. So do PP…. 
The US, UK, Canada, UN, EU and practically all donors will likely support Muntu to take over more than any of the other opposition. Muntu’s discipline is known across the globe. He just never talks. DO NOT under estimate him at all. 
It would be a horrendous mistake to underestimate Muntu. Sadly, it is mostly FDC who are laughing at Muntu yet FDC has been trying since 2001 (now 18yrs) with no results. Do you think that being the world record as the most arrested opposition leader should be celebrated? I CALL THAT TUPID. MLN

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