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UGANDA: @HeBobiWine must not turn his NUP / PP into a cult – @KagutaMuseveni @MugishaMuntu @KizzaBesigye1 @FDCofficial1

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Ugandan political parties are cults, except for 2 or…

Tomorrow, if Military Dictator Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa were to be hit by a bus, his political party, National Robbers’ Movement (NRM) would die with Museveni. I suppose JPAM could revive NRM.

We also have FDC (I have no idea what FDC means) is only Dr. Kizza Besigye. It is the other cult. FDC died with Besigye.

Here comes NUP / PP behaving like NRM and FDC. HOW? Museveni / NRM is intolerant of criticism. Besigye’s FDC is similar. In fact, I fear the day FDC will be given leadership. I would rather join NRM because it is a devil we know well.

Now, we have this NUP / PP. Dare not ever tell them that they should stop posting only photos and live videos which only yell #MuseveniMustGo AND then thunder will hit you. People Power, in which millions of Ugandans has turned out to be a real cult. You can post something that does not even mention Bobi and his cult will troll you and keep commenting with his photo that he is the only president.

Until one day, I asked a PP friend. “If Bobi dies tomorrow by a stray bullet, vehicle accident or choking, who will be the face of PP?” My friend took a whole freaking 15 minutes to reply. His answer was “No one”.

Now, when I look at ANT (I read Uganda media bullshit), if Rtd. Gen. Mugisha Muntu were to be hit by a bus (God forbid), his party would live on. 

Unlike NRM, PP/NUP and FDC who are dead set on bowing down to their cult leaders, ANT does not. What is even more interesting, NRM, NUP and FDC are always in media talking. Talking. Sometimes I wish they could shut up. ANT only talks when it is absolutely necessary. Rtd. Gen. Mugisha Muntu may not win the February 2021 elections. However, he has been building structures to last for decades. Others will carry on. The power grabbing is not part of ANT. I think any Ugandan with half a brain should consider joining ANT.

I have also looked at the independent candidates and noticed that there is one who hardly ever talks. I think you all know who he is.

THEREFORE (we must always have a therefore), NUP, NRM and FDC should stop being cults. It is frightening that the newest party, NUP, is acting like FDC and NRM. Upon where I ask, do you know about cults? Blnd loyalty. Never questioning. Never being allowed to question.

When people follow you blindly, you can lead them to a massacre. Never forget Kanungu or James Town. The leaders made their cult followers die.


** This message has not been paid for by any political leader in Uganda. YET. 

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