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UGANDA: @HeBobiwine has built a cult – CC @MugishaMuntu @KagutaMuseveni @Tumukunde_ @RobertAmsterdam

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I have loved Bobi since Kyadondo. I was ruthless on social media telling Uganda youths to vote for Bobi. We made it. My blog even has an article by a Ugandan youth who wrote after Bobi won Kyadongo East. The kid said “You have no idea. We got all your messages. We voted for our fellow youth leader. Thank you.”

Fast forward. Bobi is in the Presidential Race and we all know that he is giving a bloody nose to Uganda’s 35yrs Military Dictator Kaguta. So, of course, Kaguta has unleashed his brutes on Bobi et al.

This story is going somewhere though.

When Natasha turned age 16 and got her driver’s license, she no longer had to take the yellow school bus. She had keys. Then one morning, she comes out of her room with make up and nebilala wearing a very short dress. Moncton High has set rules about what kids can wear.

MLN: Tasha, go back in your room and change. That skirt is too short.

TASHA: I no longer have to take the school bus. I have wheels.

I took away her car keys till she dressed in a longer skirt.

Of course, she defied Mommy orders. Imagine my shock, the kid had texted her BF “Pick me up. My mom is being a bitch and has taken away my car keys”.

So, the BF (also a 16yr old) pulls into the driveway. Tasha slams the door in my face and lifts her skirt up!! Underneath it, she was wearing one of them sports short shorts. I had no idea that she was going to be playing Badminton that day (she is a Gold medalist in the game though). I am now looking at these 2 kids driving away and feeling horrible because she was wearing a very short skirt. I had no idea she had a sports short underneath the dress.


Last month, someone from Bobi’s team posted a photo of beautiful kids in the age group of my own daughters. Those girls were scantly dressed. I commented “but should they go about town wearing nearly nothing like that?” THEN shit hit the fan. “Who are you to tell us what to wear?” Then Bobi’s main barking dog said “Take the sexual restraint shit to wherever you are. This is Uganda”.

Kale. Nange, muntisa. FACT is that I was looking at these girls the way I look at my daughters. Of course, rape is a crime and we must condemn it. At no point did I mention that those girls might get raped. I was only worried about how short their dresses were. Any mother who allows their kids to go out with short shorts will regret it. I also have sons and my sons will never leave the house dressed in muscle shirts or speedo shorts.

The truth is we can all go around and about half naked and no one will give an F. Except, we are talking about Uganda.

Anyway, since I blocked the Bobi women who abused me for saying that those girls should not be all over Kampala half dressed…. how many have been massacred? I hear some numbers like 85 of 300. Who even gives a damn??

THIS IS WHERE Gen. Mugisha Muntu and Gen. Henry Tumukunde beat opposition hurry come ups. Both generals know Gen. Yoweri Museveni ver well and know his brutality on opposition. Meanwhile, Bobi Wine is going around and about like a Cult leader. Dr. Kizza Besigye tried that shit for nearly 20yrs. By the way, how is KB these days?

The other thing is. If anything happens to Bobi (in like getting hit by the bus), his NUP / PP will die with Bobi. If anything happens to Muntu, his ANT will live forever (come on, I will fight for ANT survival). If anything happens to KB, FDC will die because Nandala Mafabi killed FDC long ago. If anything happens to Gen. Tumukunde, his party will build and be so strong that Ugandans even have no idea who Tumukunde is. If anything happens to Muchebeni, NRM will die with him. WAIT…NRM could be revived after Polo’s death, via JPAM.

Ugandan politicians must stop personalising political parties. What have we learned from FRONASA / NRA/ NRM / Museveni? What have we learned about the cult mentality of Besigye and his FDC? I certainly hope that Bobi will rise above the current cult mentality. How many Ugandans were killed while you were in prison? Hundreds. Because that is what cults do. Cult members will die for the cult leader.


Ugandans deserve better.

Send the defamation suit to:
Court of Queen’s Bench – New Brunswick Courts
145 Assomption Blvd, Moncton, NB E1C 0R2

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