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UGANDA has only one official language – ENGLISH

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PHOTO of Martha Leah Nangalama graduation from – copyright by Grace McCalman, Guyana
UGANDA has only one official language – ENGLISH

It is English. Soon, Chinese and Kiswahili will also be official languages. Until then, we will hold the Queen’s language as our official language.

In Uganda, all students learn English from P1 (Grade 1) through university. Apart from the first 3yrs in school where you learn English and your mother tongue, the rest of your education is spent in English.

All our national exams are in English. Before University, we do 3 exams.

PLE (Primary Leaving Examination) which is done when you complete P7 (Grade 8 equivalent).

We then do UCE (O’level exams, S4 equivalent to Grade 11).

Then we do UACE (A’levels exam, Grade 13 equivalent).

All our national exams are done in English.

When you get to university or community college or technical college or Teacher’s Training Colleges, you do all your studies in English.

For this reason, I challenge Ugandans to explain why they claim that English is not their Mother Tongue and they do not have to be fluent in it. You have done some 20yrs in English and you still bastardize English daily and make up excuses.

Meanwhile, you are on VOA speaking broken English and you think that the world will even care that you become a legislator in parliament in our new government which opposition will win in 2023???

If I were as stupid as you, I would do Uganda a favour and shoot myself dead.

*** Google me. Stop making excuses for MEDIOCRITY.

Shell and Bolton under probe over racist job advert

*** Their job AD said “Hiring a Business graduate. We prefer Philippines, India or any other person who is not Ugandan. Our clients are served in English and we are hiring someone fluent in English”. You should have seen the uproar. People called this fake company racist. Yet, they were abusing the company on Social Media like this. “i hv a digri in bizness. am fluent in Inglish”. My first reaction was “no wonder they asked for foreigners. Who even writes like that?”

You are not being hired because you write atrocious English and then claim that there is racism? Seriously? Why do many multinationals in Uganda hire foreigners? Have you seen those Kenyans you despise who work in Uganda write rubbish like “nedda, am gud. gimme da job. i nid da moni”

#Mbavumye? Kasukali keko. Nyongeza volume oba muwuridde???

I am MARTHA LEAH NANGALAMA from #BududaLandSlides. Passionate about education and #TeamCommonSense



A motorist drives past the company’s offices on
A motorist drives past the company’s offices on Katalima Road in Naguru, Kampala yesterday. PHOTO BY OTHMAN SEMAKULA

By Othman Semakula

The ministry of Internal Affairs has opened an investigation into activities of Shell and Bolton, the company at the centre of a perceived ‘racist job advert’.
The investigations will focus on key areas including possible tax fraud and illegal employment of foreigners.
Speaking to Daily Monitor on Thursday, the Internal Affairs spokesperson Ms Pamela Ankunda, said the matter had been handed to the ministry’s legal department after the ministry had failed to get required information from company officials during a meeting on Tuesday.

“There seems to be a total disconnect of what the officials told us. We have decided to conduct an investigation into this company,” she said.
Shell and Bolton was last week summoned by the Immigration Department, after issuing an advert, which sought to employ an administrative assistant of Indian, Philippino or white origin.
The advert, deemed illegal by Uganda’s employment laws, invited livid commentary on social media with accusations of racism and disrespecting the country’s employment laws.
Efforts to get a comment from the company officials were futile as this reporter was denied access to the company’s premises with officials, including a one Esther hanging up and ignoring repeated phone calls after getting details as to why we had called.

Shell and Bolton is a hospitality and construction industries company based in Naguru Kampala.

On Thursday the company issued a public apology saying: “…we are not racist but just wanted to get someone who can attend to some of our clients who are not Africans since we are an international organisation that already has an African (Ugandan) administrative assistant.”

The company also said it had done away with the human resource officer who was in charge of the production of the advert.
“….we decided to take action by doing away with the human resource who was in charge of the production of the advert,” the notice added in part.
However, Ms Ankunda said they would go ahead with their investigations irrespective of the public apology.

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