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Uganda has one of youngest populations in world

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MLN – Museveni’s govt has done nothing. Absolutely nothing to plan for the future of the youth.

If you do not take this seriously, you will see in 10yrs from now.

I know this to be a fact because the current generation of youth aged 21 to 35yrs are ILLITERATE. I do not say this lightly.

These young people are all over social media. Yet they read only words. A few words mind you. They cannot read full sentences. Or full paragraphs. Or full posts. Then the few who do read, they cannot put meaning to words. Or stop to analyse what they have read.

A generation of illiterates is raising or will soon raise another generation of semi functioning illiterates.

How will it be possible to create employment for millions of so-called educated Ugandans who are incapable of reading, writing, analyysing, problem solving?

No nation can develop in this age without a solid education. Sure, the thugs destroyed the education system. However, you are on the Internet. Why not use it to LEARN?

What do you gain by abusing Leah or other activists and even total strangers? The last time I looked, my kids are in universities in North America. Yours are in shithole schools.


Among the countries with the most children are Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Uganda.

3. Uganda – 47.41% under 15

Martha Leah Nangalama – But exactly what does one do with half of the country under age 15 and completely illiterate? They cannot read.

They cannot write. They can neither add nor subtract. They are completely unemployable. AND then the only solution left is to sell them into slavery or to harvest their organs.

Do Ugandan policy makers ever study development  trends, future of work, demography? Countries plan for generations. UGANDA plans for the stomach tomorrow.


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