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UGANDA: Growing up in that country is no longer the same

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Those days #ThemGoodOldDays was not the same as today.

Life was real and no fakery.

Great grandma was very strict but very loving.  We used to get sent to Kayunga for some holidays.

The home of our great grandparents / grandparents was surrounded with fene, mapapari, butunda, emiyembe.

Supper, they would cook matooke with balugu and lumonde. Sauce was usually some vegetables or legumes except in the week when they killed embizi. That week, we would feast.

After supper, she would serve us with cold left over lumonde oba mwogo oba balugu with a cup of chai omukalu nga temilimu even sukari.  This tea would be infused with ntangawuzi and those leaves from budalasini (the leaf a certain Munyampi said is used as toilet paper in Bukiga land.

But if I were a Director for a global shop, I would not go on live camera and say I used to use leaves to wipe my butt after taking a dump.


In the morning the cock crows and we all take hoes and jerrycans to go digging. Before departure, the lasy gives each of us a cup of chai mukalu and lumonde from the night before.

We go digging. Return with food for the day and water, firewood.  While they are cooking, we download jack fruit, mangoes, passion fruit and pawpaws (Papaya).

By meal time, you are full of so much fruit you just wanna skip the whole process.

Growing up in Buganda

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