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Uganda govt arrests Makerere University professor, political activist Stella Nyanzi

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Dr. Stella Nyanzi has been in the media lately for her activism for change in Uganda for reasons which affect the majority of Ugandans.

Nyanzi is a well known researcher and has more than 100 publications.  Her most recent assault on the rogue regime was her criticism of Marie Antionette who is on record for telling parents who cannot afford to feed their families to buy food flasks, parents who can hardly afford transportation to buy cars or walk their kids to school instead of using Boda bodas (Uganda is a Boda Boda economy) nebilala nebilala.

Nyanzi was arrested yesterday and is being held at Jinja Road Police Station for computer mis-use for naming and shaming (aka Cyber bullying) but some Ugandans are asking “what if she used a phone?”

Nyanzi was fired from Makerere University in the past after going naked to protest against the university’s policies.  She got a job in South Africa.  She then returned to Uganda and then continued the fight.  Makerere University is in media from last week recommending her suspension for having told the Minister of Education that Janet Kataha Museveni is an airhead (which Janet is by the way).

Previous to that, Nyanzi had been detained at the Entebbe airport when she was flying to Amsterdam as a Key Note speaker for a conference and Makerere University did not find it necessary to protest but will certainly lose funding for it.  The academicians in Uganda did not find it worthy to protest this treatment of their colleague but they are poorly paid or hardly paid and will soon be on strike to fight for their $250 per month salaries which are not paid on time.

Nyanzi is on record for defending opposition parties and most of all Dr. Kizza Besigye of FDC. Yet no political opposition is at Jinja Police Station putting up a fight to free Dr. Stella Nyanzi.

Nyanzi protested the banning of prayers in Uganda but we did not hear any religious leaders protesting the banning of prayers. In fact, you will not hear from any of those pretentious Christians or Moslems or Witches, Kings, Princes or Princesses stand up and say a word but you can be assured that they will be driving brand new gas guzzling cars donated by the tax payers via State House.  Or you will read about them getting diplomatic assignments or land grabbed from the people.  You might also see some of them on Uganda media teaching about 77 DOGS and Holly Rice.  Non, you will see them kneeling for Museveni or his son David Muhoozi or likely kissing Gen. Kale Kayihura.  You might even be attending their mansions of deception called Churches, Mosques of Worship Halls because this is your year.  It is the year the Lord has made.

For crying out loud, do you all know HOW TO DESTROY A NATION?  You start with education.  Education is the foundation.  When you render people so stupid that they cannot read or write, you can expect them to die of poverty, treatable and preventable diseases.  You will also not see them protesting for their basic human rights like food, medicine, good roads, excellent education or police brutality.  Academicians matter. If you do not fight for your teachers then you do deserve tear gas for breakfast, live bullets for lunch and a bomb dropped on your palace.

Speak up Uganda.  Dr. Stella Nyanzi is a martyr for far too long you have been silent as you watch your elders die of lack of medicine, your women die in labour, your generals be gunned down and your police chiefs get shot in broad day light.

Speak up Uganda for if you do not, you make a very BIG mistake.  You will be next.  You build towers, arcades and hotels as you demolish schools and markets for the common man but do you shop in those arcades?  Did Victorial Mall Cafe Java roof not collapse this week?  Speak up because you construct in wetlands and no one can divert the river flow without consequences for it was only yesterday that Kampala flooded and created Lake Musisi which you are likely proud of.

Speak up when your children are murdered and their youth bodies are dumped on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Speak up when they drop bombs on your palaces and kill your people and then throw them into mass graves on live camera.  Speak up when the commander of the slaughter goes on live TV and lies with frog eyes.

Will you not raise your voice when a hungry population registers as refugees because you would rather treat South Sudan refugees better than your own?  OR will you stand by and watch as another frog eyed Minister of Disaster Recovery orders SHOOT TO KILL food distributors and those hungry rif rafs who come to get the food?  Will you not be hungry one time?

Speak up when your education system gets completely bastardized and to boot, a school drop out gets appointed Minister of Education after impoverishing Karamoja while looting their minerals (gold) and an imbecile goes on media saying “For Museveni so loved Karamoja that he gave his only begotten wife” as if we do not know that the man has many wives and sleeps around like a dog.

Let your voices be heard very loudly.  Let them echo from the Mountains of The Moon all the way to Mount Masaba where home is.

For the Uganda regime and police, if you do not release Stella by midnight today, we will tell you to go eat your mother’s something something so that you know we are pissed!  And if that does not work, we are going naked.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Developments on this story will be via Twitter @mlnangalama and WhatsApp +15068716371

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