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UGANDA: Government failing medics and aspiring medics

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Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng. Courtesy Photo.

Below is Verbatim from Uganda just sent by one of the medical practitioners in Kampala.  MLN

Good morning Martha!

I hope you are fine.

You have always helped us as Ugandans, and I am requesting you kindly to post this on Facebook for the Ugandans to see if it’s appropriate.
There important information I had wanted to share with you about the lot/ dead rat in the admissions board at Kabale University, where these people get bribes from people and admit wrong students on various courses.
Just this week,the university decided not to admit students who hold Diplomas in Clinical Medicine from schools of clinical officers, who wanted to study Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, but instead, admitted nurses,midwives,Laboratory technicians and community health with diplomas.
There is a mismatch of things in Uganda now.
These nurses who just finished S.4 and went for certificates, and later  diplomas in nursing are the ones  apparently needed to study Medicine and later be sent in hospitals to do surgery on Innocent and vulnerable Ugandans.
A nurse even now can’t do a prescription to a sick person in health centre 111s&1vs. That work is for clinical officers,because, that is what they studied.
Now, how on earth can the university take bribes which is a lot of money, and admit such people to be the ones to study Medicine, and leave out Clinical officers?
These people can study Bachelors in nursing and midwifery, and Bachelors in Laboratory, and Bachelors in community health.
Remember that, these clinical officers can’t study Bachelors in nursing or Lab or midwifery.
Take an example on a Ugandan who finishes S.4 and goes to PTC,and graduates as a grade 111 teacher,and another one who finishes S.6 and goes to NTC and graduates as grade V teacher. One is for primary and another one is for secondary. Even if this one of PTC upgrades and gets a diploma,he/she can’t be a secondary school teacher. Even if this grade 111 teacher gets a degree, he/she can’t teach in secondary. Even if he gets a Masters, he can’t head a secondary school.
Then,why,on earth, should the University do things in an opposite way??

Many clinical officers applied,but no one was given,to go and study Medicine, which is part of what they do study in the colleges of school of clinical officers.

Why is it that, there is now a mismatch of things in Uganda????

Is it because of too much corruption?

Now, these people will study,and be given marks, later come to practice medicine and do surgical work in big hospitals in Uganda. But after all, the rich send their patients  abroad. No one cares in Uganda.That is why, patients go to seek medical services when the disease is not so severe,but end up dying because of unclear circumstances.

This could be the reason, I have come to understand.
The grading of nurses is totally different from the grading of clinical officers if they may need to go to the awarding bodies.

It’s like someone who takes health science as a subject at S.4,and  gets 90%,and someone takes chemistry, and gets 70%,and someone stands and says…,the one of health science is good at sciences,than the one of chemistry,… and then therefore,… the one of health science can be a good doctor and a good surgeon.

Has really Uganda reduced itself to this level of understanding???

Does Uganda expect these nurses to be like Ben Carson, the world’s renowned neurosurgeon?

We are doomed!!!!!
Uganda has many clinical officers, but the government and universities deny them the chances to go and study Medicine after very many years of trying. Why????

They surely make them get demoralised.

Look at this University on the attachment below. It’s unbelievable!!!
The government needs to intervene and takes action, otherwise, we are heading nowhere.

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