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Uganda government aides and abates scams and ponzi schemes

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Last week, Ugandans woke to woke up to shocking headlines that a cryto currency company had set up shop, recruited employees, taken money and upped and left. Sounds familiar?

Well, how did all the other scams arrive in Uganda? Have you even forgotten Development Channel high rolling investment met with Polo and is even on record threatening the life of a Canadian based Ugandan blogger thus: “I know President Yoweri Museveni personally and if you do not delete those articles about my billion dollar company, me who has helped Uganda more than you, we will see who the government will protect; you or me”.
   *** but you have to say that with a thick Nigerian accent though and add a brush of fake British accent.
LEAH: Oh yeah!! You thief. As a son of the Great Mt. Masaba hailing from the great land of #BududaLandslides you f**ng Dimwit, kiss my ass. I will not delete. 
Banange you people, the next thing I know, his wifey comes hissing at me like a snake, those types you find in the famous Garden of Eve in the long forgotten land of Palestine or Mesopotamia, I think it is in the Gaza strip. In a Kikuyu accent, she goes “Hey bitch. I don’t know who you are but that is my husband and Development Channel is a Global Conglomerate which has created 5 million jobs in Uganda. If I catch you abusing my husband, I will give you a jiggly puff”. 
*** you gotta say this one in a very thick Kikuyu accent though or else you won’t get the seriousness of it. 
LEAH: Hey Carolina, nice to meet you too lying double faced fake make up thieving slayer. But I know who you are and who your husband is. I used Google. It told me “that pair is a lying scumbag that duped thousands of Ugandans rich and poor going all the way to HE The Fountain of Youth and now they go be in jail if we catch them. 
Mr. $$$Billionaire hiselfie then finished by saying: “ohhhh. So you are in Canada. It is my second home. I come there and go kill ya kaput bang like that”. 
1. Read. Read like your life depends on reading. Because it does.
2. If it is too good to be true then it is.
3. In trading and gambling, never invest money you cannot afford to lose. For example, do not use money for school fees, rent or food for your children. Even the best Wall Street and Bay Street investment bankers will tell you this fact.
4. New company in town? Google it. Many claim that they have branches all over the world and or were established decades ago. GOOGLE. You will find out that the company is only 1 month old.
5. They have a website? No problem. Go on WHOIS dot Com and look up their website. You might find that it just got registered last week. Which is exactly what Development Channel had done.
6. Very high interest? Do not be an IDIOT. Our Central Bank BoU has 10% per annum as the interest rate. Crypto guys offer you 40% per month. Are they mafia? Do not even go into the RoI (Return on Investment) of Development Channel pay $270 once and get $100 per month for the rest of your life. BANANGE MUNSWAZA NYO. 
7. Do not invest in any business being promoted by your family or friends because you are all going to get rich (AIM GLOBAL). Ask them to show you their bank account, Paypal and Mobile money. We want to see if they are getting that $1,000 per week as they claim on an investment of UGX 750,000. And refer to item 6 on this one also. AIM is a pyramid. The few who make money do so by recruiting, not by selling. Ugandans can’t even afford cassava for supper and you are gonna sell them food powders and pills? Are you stupid?
8. Just because the government officials, social layitisi, influencers, Army Generals, the company is registered, and President Museveni meets with the new company does not make the company viable. Do you see now? But even your own BoU sells banks on WhatsApp!!
9. When in doubt, contact your Business Consultant. She will charge you though if you hate reading. 
10. Grow food for your family! 
**I hold a Degree in Business and Information Technology.

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