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UGANDA: Google AdSense is not as easy as we think

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This is one of the blogs I run. is strictly for Politics, Security, History of Uganda and the Great Lakes Regional countries (L’Afrique des Grands Lacs).

I have the other blog which is “say whatever whenever”

What stunned me is that I could get my Nangalama blog to get Google AdSense super fast (maybe a month). However, it has taken me many years to get Google to approve me running Google AdSense adverts on the Change Of Guards Blog.  I think something like 6yrs. Maybe I was doing things wrong but it is a political blog and I do not blame Google for taking this long to finally approve it.

It took me only 3mths to get Google AdSense ads on

Ugandans who run blogs hoping to just get easy money must remember that Google is very particular. Google even turned off monitization from my Youtube Channel because it is mostly politics and videos of violence in Uganda. Naturally, I am contesting it. But who cares!!!  I will still praise Google anytime.  Google is truly magnificent.


I lose my phone a few times. Actually, most like daily. And I usually use the land line to call my phone and then walk around looking for my phone. Except today, I had forgotten to plug in the receiver for the land line. The phone was dead. I was missing my own phone. By this time, I was thinking of finding a way to contact Tasha or Becks to send a text message to my phone to wake it up (it is something you can set up easily) till it occurred to me that my spare phone has Google Assistant.

Quick. Super Quick. Like Speedy Gonzalez. I plug in the spare phone and it charges up to 1%. I then say “Hello Google. Please locate my phone”.

Imagine my shock, my phone rings very loudly. It was in the pocket in my jacket all this time???? Nswadde nyo 🙄🙄.

Now, here is where the old internet joke comes in. “You misplaced your phone? You put it on silent. If you love it, put a ring on it”.  Google Assistant overrides your settings on your phone about silent, vibrate, etc..nebilala, nabalala AND will ring that phone so loud you will locate your phone.

*** That is life mwatu…as told by Kampala Drama Theatre.

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