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UGANDA: Gen. Sejusa, Rabba Naga commentary on Chemical Ali Kayihura fall

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Guidance from GENERAL DAVID SEJUSA, the Free Uganda (FU) Chairman and his Comrade in arms, RABBA NAGA, on the recent sackings of General Kale Kayihura and his fellow Security Chiefs by Ugandan Dictator Yoweri Museveni.

GENERAL DAVID SEJUSA – Ugandan Dictator Yoweri Museveni was forced by the intensifying People’s Freedom Struggle to sack the notorious Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura, and his fellow security chiefs. So, let the People Celebrate their victory, as they continue to work for the demise of the oppressive regime. “Something huge is happening.”


There are some Ugandans who believe that citizens should not celebrate the fall of General Kale Kayihura, the recently sacked Chief Executioner of the Museveni regime, who had also become the leading tormentor of the Ugandan nation.

But, General David Sejusa, the Free Uganda (FU) Chairman, and his Comrade in arms, Rabba Naga, believe that it is okay for aggrieved and tormented Citizens to celebrate the fall of some of their oppressors, as Ugandan liberators continue to work for the ultimate demise of Dictator Yoweri Museveni’s corrupt and repressive terror regime.

General Sejusa and Rabba Naga also argue that Museveni did not sack General Kayihura on his own volition. The Ugandan dictator was forced by pressure resulting from the intensifying freedom struggle and the fear that the total breakdown of the security situation in the country was accelerating the collapse of the regime as a whole.

General Sejusa and Rabba Nagga Guidance verbatim:

GENERAL DAVID SEJUSA, the Free Uganda Chairman, on the sackings of General Kale Kayihura and other security chiefs – published on his twitter page:

“Many comments after fall of Kale / Henry. Many dwell on people concerned or “expectations”.
It is as if these changes were desired by or easy for Museveni.
They are forced on him. That is what should interest Ugandans not the faces/timing. Something huge http://happening.Watch .

I don’t get excited about false dovetail shuffle!

#Crisis in country is not generational, never been. It is a crisis of values, ethics &http://Capacity.Country sunk 2 deep in dirt mere change of AGE won’t fix http://it.To be on our feet again, it will take more than change of age, personnel or laws. SURE

But it’s slowly happening though. Albeit may not be easily discernible (could be in the shadows. Just look hard you may notice something.”



By Rabba Naga,

There is divided opinion whether to celebrate the fall of Kayihura and his group. Some in opposition like Bigirwa Moses think opposition should be very sad because Museveni has removed Kayihura who was making him look so bad. Others think that since not much change will take place, people need not toast. Etc. All these arguments have merits.

So how should the opposition react? Or more accurately how should Ugandans react?
There are three areas to look at.

Firstly, those killers have personal responsibility to answer for.  Not every sacked person by Museveni becomes an ally in the struggle. Everyone can reform and can be welcomed in the struggle. But this should not be automatic. We MUST EARN it through REPENTENCE AND ATONEMENT.

For instance, when one fights the regime from within and is hounded like Sejusa was and forced to flee the country or Mbabazi who chose to oppose the regime, or Besigye who stood against it and several others, for such, there was action on their part. Museveni merely sacking someone does not mean he is an ally. If you are sacked for criminality not politics, that even makes it more interesting

Even with politics, you got to declare openly that you were wrong and you are sorry for those mistakes you may be responsible for. Once that happens, ONCE YOU HAVE A PAUL FROM SAUL, THEN NO MORE QUESTIONS OR DOUBTS. For we all have a past. That is the correct ideological position. So, these sacked officials must always first accept their culpability, ask for forgiveness then the rest will follow. Even if they don’t want to go through this repentance route, let their actions speak first.

Secondly, why should people be happy? Let us think about people who have lost loved ones through actions and excesses of these fellows, either directly or indirectly. How can we ask such people not to be happy and to feel relieved? It would not be fair.

Therefore, from a personal stand point, let people be happy, be it in opposition or not.
Thirdly, the idea that because things will not improve so the opposition should be unhappy about the changes is a mistake. First of all, we all agree that things will not change merely because of these small changes in personnel. The malaise is so deep-rooted that it would take much more to cause change. So, Mr. Bigirwa need not worry.

Lastly, every fallen general of the enemy is an addition to the strength of your own forces. So, you need not worry.

But perhaps the most important reason why people should be happy about these changes is the fact that if our pressure does force Museveni to improve, to abandon his bad ways, to rein in his thugs, that is a victory for the people of Uganda. The struggle for our liberation must be broad, (not selfish), focussed and long term. So, continue with the struggle.

So, let people be happy, toast to your success because if it was up to Mr Museveni, those men would still be in office.

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