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UGANDA: From Ichuli part 1, Here comes the story of Ichuli part 2

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POSTED BY Asiku Denis, 31 October 2018

After many days, Ichuli was hungry again. He killed many animals in the same way as he had killed hyena. He was happy to so much food. One day he wanted to kill and eat leopard too. But Ichuli found that animals were more cunning than he was. I am starving, he said to the leopard. I had plenty of meat but now i am not able to get any. The leopard answered, i am starving too! I have spent a week without eating any meat. Well said Ichuli, if we are clever we can get some meat quickly. Naby animals live on top of this mountain.
If we go there, we could kill one now, so they went.

But you must listen and be careful, Ichuli gave the same instructions to the leopard as he had given to the hyena. Ichuli climbed up the mountain and leopard stayed at the bottom of it. Soon, he pushed down a heavy stone. The leopard saw it falling and moved quickly to the side. Then he threw down a small one. The leopard moved a side and the stone pass. Now he lay down pretending to be dead. Ichuli ran down quickly. Leopard, where are you? Have you killed the animal?

The leopard was silent and Ichuli thought that he was dead. Foolish leopards also think that they are more cunning than i am, Ichuli said proudly. He was pleased to have some more meat at last. He put the leopard on his head and carried him home. On the way, something scratched Ichuli’s head. He put the leopard down quickly and looked up. He thought an eagle was trying to take away his meat. He picked up leopard again and run to his house. Ichuli was tired and breathless, and sat down to rest. Then he took out a very sharp knife to cut the leopard’s throat.

This is enough to eat for a week, said Ichuli. Now I have got plenty of meat to eat.
Suddenly the leopard shouted, Is this how you’ve killed and eaten many of my friends? If i have been stupid, you would have eaten me too! He shouted, as he held Ichuli ‘s neck. But I am more cunning than you. Now I will eat you! Please wait, Ichuli shouted.

If I await, you will try another trick, answered the angry leopard. Just a minute. Don’t eat me yet. If i am killed by sunlight, my flesh will be good to eat. But it’s not good now. Tie me up in green banana leaves and put me in the sun to die, Ichuli said. All right, said the leopard smiling. You will die soon, he tied Ichuli up in some banana leaves so that he looked like a ball. The sun was bright and hot, and the leaves dried up. Ichuli moved his legs to test the leaves. Oh i am dying! He cried sadly.
Ha ha ha! The leopard laughs loudly; You’ve got one more minute before you die. Then he went a way to gather firewood. While he was away, Ichuli licked at the dry leaves,, jumped up and escaped just as the leopard was returning.

Since that time, Ichuli plays fewer tricks and stays away from leopard.
Enjoy as you read.

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