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UGANDA: Focus on poisoning under the Museveni regime

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Former MP in Uganda, Hon. Hussein Kyanjo


CHANGE OF GUARDS – The so-called elimination of political opponents through mysterious deaths as a result of poisoning, stage-managed motor accidents, outright mysterious murders and detention without trial are synonymous with communist states. Those political assassinations are used to silence dissent while at the same time keeping the masses in a state of perpetual fear.

As the Museveni regime’s 33 years military dictatorship gets closer to the establishment of a fully fledged communist police state, the phenomenon of poisoning is becoming more pronounced. Allegations of assassinations through poisoning is becoming the talk of the day. Key political players both within the regime and the opposition are always watching their backs for fear of potential poisoning. Allegations associating Museveni with assassinations of political opponents date back to the time he was in exile during the Iddi Amin regime in the 1970s. A number of his close colleagues are alleged to have disappeared in what some sources have described as internal power struggles.

Immediately after the overthrow of the Iddi Amin regime, the country was grappled by mysterious killings that targeted prominent professionals when Museveni was the Minister of Defence and Vice Chairman of the ruling Military Commission. During his sectarian Bush War, stories of assassinations through poison characterised the internal power struggles. From the mysterious deaths of the NRA’s first Army Commander, Ahamad Sseguya, Commanders like Kagwa, Mutebi, Magara and many others. At one time during the Bush War, Museveni was feared to have been poisoned by his two Baganda female aides. Shortly before capturing power, the Chairman of the NRM, Prof. Lule died in London. His death paved the way for Museveni to assume the chairmanship and eventually the presidency. Had Prof. Lule not died, would Museveni have let Lule become the president?

After gaining power in 1986, his first victim was UFM’s Andrew Kayiira who was assassinated a few days after the High Court had acquitted him of treason charges. Then came the mysterious death of rebel UPDA leader, Col. Angello Okello immediately after he signed a peace deal with the government. Not to mention the cold blooded murder of Maj. Mike Kilama. Col. Oliver Odweyo, Brig. Kanyankole, Brig. Fred Bamwesigye, Col. Julius Aine, Brig. Chef Ali, Gen. Aronda, Brig. Mayombo, Gen. Kazini, former Speakers Wapa and Ayume, Eria Kategaya, Hon. Nebanda and others are victims of unresolved deaths.

Former Prime Minister turned political opposition leader, Amama Mbabazi’s wife was allegedly poisoned immediately after she fell out with the regime. Leading opposition leader, Dr. Besigye alleges that he was sprayed with a poison substance while in detention in Moroto. DP’s Nobert Mao battled with strange ailments. Presidential Advisor on Media Tamale Mirundi alleges he was poisoned by the ‘mafia’.

As the phenomenon of poisoning gets closer to the surface, the most recent victims are Members of Parliament like Hussein Kyanjo, Betty Namboze and others. Currently, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga’s alleged poisoning is the hot story. Since this time around the source of the alleged poisoning of the Speaker Kadaga rotates around the Minister of Security, Gen. Tumwine, it is high time a national debate is generated.


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