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Uganda feedback on the English language by someone I mentor

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If only one out of 1,000 listens to my advice and follows it, then my work is done.  CHECK THIS OUT.
Martha Leah Nangalama to Isaac:

I corrected you on AM
You made the same mistake ignoring my correcting you.
Do not contact me again. Do not reply. Otherwise I will block you.
Isaac: 12:18pm January 24, 2020

Hullo Martha, I am writing to thank you; today I wrote a reply to a Reverend, he couldn’t believe the change in my writing style!
Thank you very much Sister Martha, I am nolonger lazy, I read more these days, think more before I reply and I have developed an apologetic kind of writing, I am learning everyday, thanks once again.
I am so sorry, please accept my apologies and give me a third chance, building better 4×4 custom trucks and vehicles is my passion.
Thanks, I am sorry to burden you once again.

MARTHA LEAH NANGALAMA: Hahaaha. This is wonderful to hear. Do you see the respect people give you when you write well. God is good. Of course third chance is granted.

ISAAC: Thank You very much, the way I reply to clients these days, the tone, the style, some think I am not the one!

I was very good at comprehension and story writing, but society influence and not working in offices directly creates the UgaEnglish, unemployment is murdering what we studied!

 I am a better person now, how can I express my gratitude!


ISAAC: It is very absurd, it is very bad, these days… abusing and getting annoyed has kept many good ignorant people from learning, I do not get annoyed easily and I appreciate even more when I get a chance for a new and better way of doing something.

I have been following whatever you write, you are a special human being, caring and advising
fellow Ugandans when you have a comfortable life is not ugandan! That is motherly a trait!

I am learning, teach me. Thanks.
Seen by Isaac at 13:19

MARTHA LEAH NANGALAMA – Thank you very much.  We will soon go into growing your business. But not today. It is a weekend bro. I need some weed and beer. hoooo.  Let me even give you my mobile money account so you pay for all this.  God is good!!! 😎😎

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