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UGANDA: Education is now reduced for the rich or connected

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Some Ugandans like to delude themselves. 

The other day, someone attacked me on Twitter when I said “the graduates being sold into slavery certainly did not attend Namagunga, Gayaza, Buddo, Namasagali, SMACK, Namilyango”.  He confidently replied “there are many of them being exported to Arabs they just do not mention it”.

Here is likely where we need facts about all the youth being exported.  The schools above are the most expensive and exlusive private schools in Uganda.  Most all kids in these groups go to the best universities in Uganda or abroad.  You think a family will pay $2,500 per term for 6yrs of secondary school for their kids in these schools then turn around and pay another $4,000 to sell their kids to Arabs?

Truth is the kids from those schools are employed or married to some rich person of working in good jobs.  Consequently, if you attended Gulu Secondary school, you should not compare yourself to someone who went to Namasagali or Buddo.  Know your place.

I do not say this because I am a brat from a rich family.  I actually come from a very poor family.  However, after my family sending me to Namagunga, do you think they would have allowed me to go and work in Oman as a sex slave or maid?  You are just not seeing the problem. The Education System is pitched against you and until we acknowledge the disparity, I will be sitting here telling you “I am not sure if your child should go to Bubulo Girls, send her to Gayaza”  Then you will say that I am not being reasonable. Come on, Gayaza / Bubulo!!!!

The numbers speak truth. #PlanForYourKids #MuseveniWisdom.

And just because your parents cannot send you to the most exlusive schools in Uganda does not make it a problem for us who went to those schools.  Sue your parents if you do not like your life as a slave in Kuwait.  The rest of us are busy caring for our families who did not sell us to Arabs.


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