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CHANGE OF GUARDS – Around November 2008, a Nissan Datsun pickup belonging to a one Kemirembe was stolen from the Makerere University parking lot. The matter was immediately reported to both the police post at the University and the Central Police Station when the Rapid Response Unit swung into action but the said vehicle could not be traced. Two years later, in April 2010, the owner of the said vehicle sighted it in one of the suburbs of Kampala being used for transport business. On interrogation by the police, the driver said that the car belonged to a one Kiiza who happened to be a wife of Commissioner of Police, Anatoli Muleterwa. At the time the said car was stolen, Anatoli Muleterwa was based at the Central Police Station as the Kampala Metropolitan Regional Community Liaison Officer. He was later elevated to Commissioner of police In-charge of Community Policing – a position he still holds.

For obvious reasons, the matter could not be handled from a criminal angle but, instead, the victim went to court seeking compensation for loss of income. During the hearing, Commissioner Muleterwa told court that he had bought the said car at one million shillings from the public auction for unclaimed vehicles in police custody. Usually, such properties are auctioned upon a court order but the said vehicle was not on the list of vehicles indicated in the court order that was tendered in court during the trial. Court noted that it had been clear as to how the said car had allegedly reached the Central Police Station. Court granted shillings 282 million as compensation to the victim and ordered that Police Commissioner Muleterwa personally pays shillings 50 million of the said amount. 

If it was not for the Museveni regime, failure to explain how the said car had ended at CPS, if at all it did, makes this a clear case of either theft of a car or Commissioner Muleterwa being found in possession of stolen property.  Failure to provide answers makes it probable that Commissioner Muleterwa masterminded the theft of the car. Since Muleterwa is one of the top regime cohorts who can’t be investigated, the matter was swept under the carpet. The question is who stole the car and how many such thefts and robberies are taking place for the benefit of Museveni’s security goons. A simple research indicates a trend of thefts of private property in similar circumstances for the benefit of Museveni’s security goons. 

It is routine for the police to impound thousands of Bodaboda motorcycles and park them at Police stations together with stolen and recovered ones. The police then siphon fuel and remove spare parts for sale, they pluck off their number plates and sell them to motorcycle thieves, they set tough conditions for the owners to reclaim them and after some time they connive with Rich businessmen who buy them through what is supposed to be an auction process before, with the facilitation of the police, they are sold across the border. In some instances, the police officers buy them through a sham auction process at very low prices before they resale them at high prices. The notorious defunct Bodaboda 2010 was also at hand to help with the impounding and deprivation of rival groups of their motorcycles. Commissioner Muleterwa has arrogantly issued a notice of appeal against the court judgement. 

It is in the same regard that Police Constable Emmanuel Amoko obtained shillings 17 million from Brig. Innocent Oula ostensibly for selling him such impounded motorcycles. Otherwise, why would a Brigadier who is also a Member of Parliament venture into buying of motorcycles from a Police Constable who claimed to be from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters!!!  In another development, Police Constable (PC) Sam Omala accused a motorist along the Kamwenge-Ibanda road of not wearing a face mask. Omala chose to impound the motorist’s car and personally drive it to the police station before it overturned several times leaving him trapped inside with serious injuries. This is a clear case of God getting annoyed with the gross injustices by Museveni’s security goons.

We are yet to see if Museveni’s so-called State House Anti-Corruption Unit headed by Col. Nakalema will move against Commissioner Muleterwa.


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