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UGANDA: Destruction of Makerere University has now been completed

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Many graduates and current students of The Ivory Tower have abused me a lot over the years with many saying I was too dense to get admitted into Makerere University.

FACT: I never did UACE. I also never applied to Makerere University.
QUESTION: If you are so arrogantly proud of your university, why aren’t you crying today? You should cry.

Twenty years from now your son is going to ask you which University you attended and you will say “I went to the one which NRM burnt to ashes”.

I cannot believe that all these years when I have been telling you arrogant half illiterate graduates of Makerere that your school was being destroyed you did not care or pay attention. Where are your alumni? Do you know what would happen if someone burnt down Trent University or University of Toronto? We would probably go and burn down Parliament Hill (the Canadian parliament in Ottawa).

The Ugandan regime has burning so many schools that I am shocked that you are shocked. How many fires had been set off in Makerere in the past? You did nothing. Museveni is smart like that. He does things like this “let me see if they will do anything about this one”. You do nothing. Next time, he does a bigger bad thing. you do nothing. Until finally, BANG! Because guess what, when the other buildings were burning all these years, we were heading a finale! The Tower itself must fall and fall it did.

What do I care anyway? My kids study in Canada and USA and so do most regime kids. The rest of you, continue banging your sauce pans in the streets begging the regime for food. Even right now, none of you care that your education system is dead.

Martha Leah Nangalama
** Academic records will be provided upon request!!
Keko Kasukali Keko.

☝️☝️ The truth is Ugandans are paralysed with fear. I even feel it myself. The darkness before noon. And Museveni knows exactly what he is doing and what he did. It was the last straw and now he knows Ugandans will never stop him from anything. NEVER. anyway, let the old man rule until he dies. There is nothing we can do. People can least help themselves when they are impoverished, hungry and jobless. No income, no money, no nothing. It is the sad affair of Uganda opposition and yet also, remember the majority of the goons in parliament and NRM went to Makerere University. For free by the way.

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