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Uganda corruption is costing lives as fake drugs get imported into country

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** We are in trouble **


We deployed Atanatious Kakwemeire well qualified in chemical formulae at the National Drugs Authority to intercept fake drugs from Igbo Pharmaceutical in China

The said pharmaceutical had been blacklisted by the World Health Organisation and burned by Chinese government.

Of course it was going to be expensive to destroy their fake drugs in China .

The Museveni Deep State went for those harmful fake drugs.

We captured the drugs.

The Museveni Deep State needed Kakwemeire’s signiture to rescue the drugs.

Kakwemeire rejected the bribes, stood his ground.

The only option available for the Museveni Deep State was to re export the fake Drugs back to China for destroying them here was equally hazardous

A number of officers at the NDA including Nganwa were arrested.

Prosecution was progressing well.

Museveni personally let Nganwa off the hook,  Nganwa was reinstated as the NDA boss to sack Kakwemeire and appoint an officer who would authorise the consumption of those fake drugs.

We have since consumed the fake drugs and no wonder we have such a high proliferation of cancer.

I personally pleaded with Mr Museveni in Fort portal for the reinstatement of Kakwemeire  and Museveni agreed.

Museveni implored me to appreciate why he let Nganwa off the hook.

To date Kakwemeire can’t be reinstated

Museveni family runs a pharmacy and imports drugs,  good quality drugs at that while the rest of silly inept society gets decimated by fake drugs.

I discussed with Kakoza of Kabura then Minister of State Health to reinstate Kakwemeire,  he wrote the letter instructing reinstatement and was ordered to withdraw it.

We chose to be sheep let’s die as such.

How can we as men fail to rise up and at least die battling to expunge this criminal and heartless NRA Occupation #alnakba?

Muti maawe
#Mpawo atalikaba

The reality in Uganda is no one cares. One can tell by the country’s reading culture. People who do not read are a danger to themselves.

The Uganda market place is full of fake products and there have been many cases of fake drugs. Yet to this day, a friend will contact me saying he is sick and just returned from the doctor.

I ask what is wrong and he tells me that he has dust infection (coughing). I ask what medication the doctor gave him and the patient says “some tabs. I don’t know the name”.  You stupid idiot, can’t you read the label on the damn pills? Take a pitcure.

The sicko takes a photo and sends it. It is Clarithromycn which is one of the strongest anti biotics only prescribed when less stronger antibiotics have failed. For example in non shithole countries, the doctor would prescribe Amoxycillin first but if it does not work, you go to a stronger antibiotic.

By the way, what is dust cough???

Some people will die for not using GOOGLE!!!

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