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UGANDA: Central Bank Fraud (BoU) – Logistics 101

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When a company charters a plane, it is up to that company to fill the plane or they will lose money.

If you charter a passenger plane, you work with Travel Agents to sell all the seats on that plane.

If you charter a cargo plane, you work with freight forwarders to fill that plane. So each freight forwarder will arrange for their clients pallets to be delivered at the airport your chartered plane is gonna take off from and to that destination.


One time, I got an offer for a cargo plane. Moncton to Europe (drop off Liege in Belgium). Our company was shipping seafood worth $55,000 to Milan.  The plane was gonna cost $85,000 for one way.  Problem is we were gonna make a loss unless we worked with other shippers who had cargo to send to Milan.  The route for chartering a cargo plane (same as passenger somewhat) is the route is very specific.

The company chartering you the plane charges you one way at a descent price.  They have made arrangements for that plane not to return empty or they lose money.  Sometimes, that plane will drop off in Entebbe then go to Nairobi to pick up cargo.  This way, the charter works out for the company.

Now, when you charter a plane, you also want to make a bit of profit so you would sell each kilo of cargo being shipped for maybe $1.25/kilo knowing that the others (belly cargo) would charge $1.75/kilo. They save money, you save money.  You make a bit of profit.  But filling the damn plane is an issue.

Because not only are you paying the $85,000 for the leg, you are also paying landing fee of $5,000 here and the same over there.  Then you have to pay tamac fees (used to be $2,500) per hour.  So you have gone to way over $100,000. You need the landing fee or you cannot land. You need the tamac fee so that the cargo can be loaded on the plane. At the destination, you also pay the tamac fee to offload the plane.

CARGO is usually shipped on pallets (belly cargo or cargo plane). 

Belly cargo is when the planes use the extra space in the luggage area and load shipments. This is how most of you get your courier packages.  And the corpses of Ugandans who never helped repair the medical health and fly abroad for treatment and return in coffins.

Consequently, for BoU or Uganda regime to say there was extra cargo on the plane, do they think we are all stupid.  Had it been said that BoU chartered their own plane and sent it specifically for only their shipment, the argument would hold water.  For now, consider it utter RUBBISH.

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ps: The company I used to half own used to be called Shediac Fresh Seafood Inc. You can verify that by going on the Canada Industry and Copyright / Patent website. Google it.

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