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UGANDA: Case of twins with two different fathers per Bukedde TV

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Dr. Achilla just shared the following in explanation of what was circulating earlier on Social Media among Ugandans. The link to the explanation is at the bottom.

Twins with two fathers are possible with heteroparental superfecundation and heteroparental superfetation. Superfecundation and superfetation are two rare events.
Superfecundation or heteroparental superfecundation is the word for twins with separate fathers. Each twin has a separate father. For this to happen, two things have to happen:

1. You have to ovulate twice (dizyogtic). This is actually not so rare an probably happens in more than 1 in 50-100 ovulations.

2. You have to have sexual intercourse with different men within a couple of days to one week prior to ovulation . That allows two different sperms to fertilize two separate eggs.

Both of these events can happen from having intercourse with separate men on the same day or different days, as sperm can survive for up to 5 days. Multiple ovulations happen in about 1% (or more) of all ovulations, and more often when you take ovulation-inducing medications .

A case of superfecundation was recently reviewed by the New Jersey State Superior Court. It decided that one man is the father of one of the twins and the other the father of the other twin. Each father was responsible to pay child support for each child.

Superfetation happens when a woman gets pregnant again after the implantation of one fetus. For this to happen the pregnant woman must ovulate after she is already pregnant and this egg must be fertilized by another sperm. This can occur weeks or even months after the first egg is fertilized, and the result is that one fetus is more advanced in pregnancy then the other. This is an extermely rare event in humans and has been reported only a few times. Superfetation can happen with the same father or different fathers (heteroparental).
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