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UGANDA: Can we have a revolution to kick out Military Dictator Museveni

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Last year and this year, we have seen a wave of African despots falling.

Ugandans should not think it will be the same as in the other countries.

When you look at those countries where despots have fallen, you will realise that the uprisings were lead by Associations of Professionals.

OMAR wrote about their soldier mentality in like everyone feels is a soldier for their country. 

You will also realise that their armies were not personal armies.

You will realise that every member of society stood up in solidarity.

UGANDA has far to go to get to the massive uprisings.  Most everyone in opposition is compromised because they are paid by the regime or supply products or services to the regime.  At this point, we only have like Bobi and Mugisha Muntu who are not on the regime payroll. 

I still stand by my earlier posts that all opposition should disclose their assets and tax returns for the last 3yrs to 6yrs.  So should all so-called activists. 

Money talks and bullshit walks. If you disclose your assets and your income, then we will know which side you are on.

I am only paid by Exxonmobil and the Canadian govt and all my tax returns are available from CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency).  I will also provide all my incoming bank transfers above $1000 over the last 3yrs.

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