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UGANDA: Back to Internet Basics for youth

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1. Never write all capital letters. Means you are screaming.

2. The human eye sees all caps as emphasis. Do not use all caps except to emphacize a point.

3. The human eye reads left to right unless Arabic.

4. Flash on your website. Some people get motion sickness (Nausea).

5. Your landing page for your website must keep in mind that the average spends only 2-5 seconds on a page. CENTRE YOUR KEY INFORMATION.

6. People are sent websites every few seconds. Few scroll left, right or down. Put your contact information on the landing page with no scrolling.

7. Your DONATE button should read the above.

8. If you are a Blogger, use the default themes. The best colour themes for your blog are white and baby blue. I look at some of you with red backgrounds with writting in black.

Try to put black on red. Then put black on baby blue.


Anyway, some of you should even send me mobile money.

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