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“First of all, Zaake and a few others are a misguided group being used by foreigners to destablize Uganda and for many months now…..One person died outside the hotel (Arua fracas -2018) in mysterious circumstances. These groups have been in collusion with foreign enemies to infiltrate groups with guns to kill demonstrators and say that government is the one killing them. We are patiently following up those. You remember the Piki Piki raiding killers that killed Abiriga, Kirumira, Kigundu etc? We have defeated them and we shall unearth them. Greetings to you foreign backers who fear a strong Uganda. Too bad for them.”
Museveni’s missive – August 27,20120

Obviously, his s-called foreigners are none other than Rwanda. Since 2018, Museveni has been pointing a finger at Rwanda whom he accuses of undermining his government through among other acts of infiltrating his security apparatus. Consequently he purged his most trusted police chief Hen. Kalekyezi and a couple of other top police officers who he accused of “services the interests of foreign government’s.” Since then the diplomatic fallout between Kampala and Kigali has been worsening. Museveni’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly accused Rwanda of infiltrating his security aparatus;
“We think they (arrested Rwandans) are on Infiltration exercise. We must address the issue of infiltration into our security agencies.”

In March 2019, Museveni issued a stern warning to Rwanda;
“Those who want to destablize our country do not know our capacity. Once we mobilise, you can’t survive. On March 10, 2019 Museveni wrote to his Rwandan counterpart, saying Kigali was meddling in Uganda’s internal affairs.
“What is wrong is for Rwanda agents to try to operate behind the Government of Uganda,” said Museveni, adding, “I get a lot of stories; but I will never raise them unless I have confirmed them”

His just concluded NRM primary elections have been witnessed high levels of violence. A number of people have been shot dead while others have been maimed and property destroyed. Could it be that his so-called ‘foreigners’ were behind the violence in his NRM the same way they do to the opposition. On the contrary, how can Museveni the strategic ‘security expert’ think that the said foreigners avail guns to the opposition to kill their own instead of targeting his military junta!!!!!


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