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UGANDA: Another maid killed in Oman, body unclaimed

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#UgandaNewsBriefing is reporting the following: (VERBATIM)

Sad News!!
One of our hustlers in Oman has just met the creator in massive pain her boss dragged her in the hospital and left her helplessly she doesn’t possess any document on her kindly help her relatives to find her by sharing this post am conc. sure they will get to know about it .

Uganda doesn’t have a consulate in Oman and these MUSEVENI companies are still selling Ugandans as maid there by trafficking them .
almighty have mercy on this failed state headed by heartless evil men ..

Who will save Ugandans from this evil bondage of slavery by this regime our souls are traumatized because we can’t breath the evil men are ruling by feeding on fresh blood 😭😭😭😭.



These poor children. Who will help them? For me, I can only help people who READ. I do not know how to help non readers.

Even the basics of them getting a job at home or starting a business with that Shs.4mln they pay to be sold requires READING.

That money..just even one million. But a person who cannot read then pays 5mln!!!

GOD knows we are trying but the kids hate READING. TEACH KIDS TO READ. IT COULD SAVE THEIR LIVES.

To get a merit job, you need a good CV and cover letter. I have written all this and given samples. The kids hate reading.

To get a scholarship, you need to read. I share scholarships daily. To immigrate to Canada, UK, Newzealand, you need to read. I have shared this information many times.

To start a small business with as little as Shs.50,000, you need to read. I share business ideas frequently.

The kids hate reading. NOW, how can I help a person who reads only 3 sentences and stops?  It is impossible. God is my witness and so are many Ugandans who have been following me since 2013.

Then ARROGANCE. I tell a kid to stop abbreviating and posting trash. The kid abuses me that it is because I am new on Social Media or I am too old or I should learn how to use technology. But this same kid has not read the part where I said employers and recruiters now check your social media to verify your character. As one of the checks.


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