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UGANDA: Always read the profile before you comment

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Anyone can be a scammer on the internet. Anyone can con anyone on the internet. However, sometimes maybe you should look before you try.


Around 10 days ago, Uganda’s Central Bank (UCB, how strange) but known as Bank of Uganda (BoU) cut its lending rates to the commercial banks (likely had cut the rate prior to when we got the news) and BoU asked the commercial banks to cut their interest rates to borrowers in lieu of the obvious.

This past week, maybe about 3 or 5 days ago, the commercial banks agreed to lower their rates to their borrowers.

*** This is actually not even the real story *** MLN

Imagine three days, a Ugandan gentleman hits me on Twitter. This was right after I had tweeted about the commercial banks lowering their borrowing rates. He holds a Business Degree from a University in Uganda which I will not mention for reasons. MOSTLY, BECAUSE I DO NOT WANNA TELL THEM THAT THEY ARE PRODUCING IDIOTS.

Back to the story.

Kid goes: “At these rates, you cannot save money and earn interest. You should not save UGX. You should learn about Cryptocurrency. You should buy Bitcoins now. You should learn about virtual currencies. I can help you if you work with me and send me the initial amount”.

Upon which I replied “Perhaps you should always read the profile before you talk. In addition, a Bitcoin is now over USD $10,000 and I don’t even know if I will have $1,000 to pay my rent next month”.

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda
Mini Bio:
IT professional with 25yrs of work experience in Oil & Gas

Graduate of University of Toronto, Canada – Masters Degree in Information (attended on an academic scholarship)

Graduate of Trent University, Canada – Bachelors Degree in Business & Computer Science (attended on an academic scholarship)

UWC, an IB Diploma, Canada – attended on a UWC scholarship
….. nebilala nebilala …..

I should have mentioned that the kid graduated in 2017 and is an expert in Crypto Currency. SERIOUSLY???? What are we doing in Uganda?

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