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Trump finally destroys America Judiciary

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Now that President Donald J. Trump of USA has nailed the FBI, CIA, NSA and anything as far as the US judiciary goes, remember what was written in the month that he was sworn into presidency for USA.  He was very clear and few paid attention.  TOLD you SO is not good enough.  May now you all face the truth of not protecting the rights of others.  The chicken have come home to roost.  Hallelujah!  There is God after all.

The famous MEMO just got released by Trump.  Watch the aftermath.

Monday, January 30, 2017 by Martha Leah Nangalama

#MoslemBan #Canada #NAFTA #Trump – #WelcomeToCanada where #Hockey is King

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

Hon. Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister
Ottawa, Canada

January, 30, 2017

Ref: Were it not for immigrants Native Indians would own everything in Canada and USA.

Dear Hon. Justin Trudeau, I am writing to you about the US ban on people from Islamic countries.

I would not normally care but I have many Moslem friends.

The US ban on immigrants from Moslem countries is something that most Canadians oppose. A huge percentage of Americans also oppose the ban.

I thank you and our governement for welcoming 35,000 Syrian refugees. The only country that got more was Germany and Hon. Angela Merkel is being crucified for it.  It does not help that Germany has had many terrorist attacks so the minority who challenge the German government decision on the Syrian immigrants are justtified somewhat.

In any case, Merkel and the German people will go down in history for defying the norm. With the Germans we must stand.

USA’s Trump passes an Executive order to ban Muslims.  You are in media saying they the banned should consider Canada. I am on record for telling people to choose Canada as a destination.

We then get an attack in a mosque. We are not phased. For sure, we are under scrutiny.  Other countries could learn from one of the most none discriminating countries, a country so inclusive it only asks what you need to belong.  And most times all you need is say “where can I help?”

Just think about the insults hurled at Mexico. Let Trump negotiate NAFTA. We did not even like it when Mulroney signed it but came to accept it.

Now that we are all the 3 amigos, let us stand with Mexico.  Let us get every Mexican facing deportation from the US into Canada.  USA needs our oil anyway. Our lumber. Our natural gas. Our contribution to all their invasions of other countries with us showing up as peace keepers.  US needs our scientists.  US needs their kids to attend universities in Canada for $25,000 per year instead of their equivalent of $65,000.

USA needs our medical research from Toronto to Winnipeg.  US needs Canada. Sure we also need them but if we sell out and abandon our values of inclusive and get in bed with them on the ban on Islam immigrants, we go against the core values of what makes Canada a great country. We betray our children and grandchildren. We betray our parents, grand parents and great grand parents.  Canada is made of the strength of immigrants and we have much to show to the world for who we are.

Do you remember that hockey game in Toronto when a mic failed and the Spangled anthem could not be sung by the Americans in attendance?  Canada sung it.  We sung.  We sing even in the face of our fiercest enemy.  We sung for America. Surely we can rise up above all this.  Do not let the Keystone pipeline deter you from who we are.  After all, America needs that pipeline more than Canada.  They have even forgotten that if they ban immigrants, they will have to pick their own berries and tomatoes and work in their own factories.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.
PS: over 10,000 homes still have no electricity in the province of New Brunswick.

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