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Time to let women take power but not Kadaga or Kataha

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Time has come to let a woman lead our country because men have failed badly and all they do is kill, imprison, steal public funds and they need their egos all massaged for the wrong reasons.

From kings to all the way down to LDC, men have been in power and all they have done is leave destructive policies while pretending to be the best they could be. Many women have stood up to dictator Banus Museveni among which are Ingrid Turinawe, Betty Nambooze, Dr.Stella Nyanzi and all those three brave women have withered the brutal and reckless arrests by dictator Museveni.

Once leaving jails none of these women have been corrupted by dictator Museveni to sing his songs of corruption and praises as compared to men who were thrown in jail by the same dictator and once they left Luzira, they all freaked out and started praising the dictator among which are, Gilbert Bukenya, Peter Mayiga, Muhammad Nsereko and many more. There are others that were once critical of Banus Museveni but they were given useless ministries and they lost their mucho such as Baryomunsi and others just decided to sell their country by just keeping silence which is a sign of approval such as my once beloved Ken Lukyamuzi, Nabbira Nagayi, Muhammad Nsereko.

How can we really believe that such men have the stamina to lead our nation. Uganda lost many young promising leaders such as Jurunga killed by Kayihura’s police and he had the balls to tell parliament that people are not born as generals but they are made generals. Well its easy to kill your own citizens and decorate yourself a general but you cannot make one to become a leader but one is born a leader. Those who are made leaders more often than not they become dictators.

I had more confidence in Rebecca Kadaga but she is the same as dictator Museveni. Useless but just to show off. Janet Museveni….. Ayi bambe, her leadership is one you would expect from a primary seven drop out.



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