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The year 2020 is the year when most of us have suffered deaths of loved ones

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By MARTHA LEAH NANGALAMA (Nangi to UWC Pearson College & Trent University)

This month, September 2020. is a total write off. We already had enough problems. Until this week when one of our beloved friends passed away. BELOVED beyond belief.
Vipa (Wipa) Tiranuti is one of those Gentle Giants. I was in high school with her and then in university with her. You could never have ever met a more wonderful sunlight. Do you know when you are in a dark room and someone walks in and turns on the light? That is who Vipa was. Actually, the Pearson College was crucial but at Trent University, which was much bigger (Pearson was 200 kids and Trent was something like 5,000 kids). 
So, back in those days, we eat in the cafeteria at school. One time, when all the TIP (Trent International Program Students) were holding some kind of debate about something that was not even worth documenting, as students stopped by our tables with their trays of food, I think we had just held a Mandela protest of some sort and were a bit disillusioned that Mandela was not being released from Jail just because we had been demanding for it to be done. Vipa walks up to all of us without flinching or talking small talk. She smiled. And she could calm down a storm. Her eyes were so lit that we all forgot that we had to Free Mandela and went back to eating our food.
Thank you Vipa. Thank you Wipa. NANGI ** The pain is beyond belief though.
Josh Groban with Charlotte Church 


Play “The Prayer”

I pray you’ll be our eyes
And watch us where we go
And help us to be wise
In times when we don’t know

Let this be our prayer
As we go our way
Lead us to a place
Guide us with your grace
To a place where we’ll be safe
La luce che to dai

I pray we’ll find your light
Nel cuore restero
And hold it in our hearts
A ricordarchi che
When stars go out each night
L’eterna stella sei
Nella mia preghiera
Let this be our prayer
Quanta fede c’e
When shadows fill our day
Lead us to a place
Guide us with your grace
Give us faith so we’ll be safe
Sognamo un mondo senza piu violenza

Un mondo di giustizia e di speranza
Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino
Simbolo di pace e di fraternita

La forza che ci dai
We ask that life be kind
E’il desiderio che
And watch us from above
Ognuno trovi amore
We hope each soul will find
Intorno e dentro a se
Another soul to love

Let this be our prayer
Let this be our prayer
Just like every child
Just like every child

Needs to find a place
Guide us with your grace
Give us faith so we’ll be safe
E la fede che
Hai acceso in noi

Sento che ci salvera

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