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Teaching is a noble profession – Kudos to all teachers @SejuDav @AngelaMerkeICDU

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PHOTO: Image may be subject to copyright. A Ghanian teacher is teaching his students about computers in a village school with no computers. He draws everything on the blackboard. His students passed the National Exams. This Photo went viral and Microsoft donated computers to that school. NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE A GREAT TEACHER

One time when Angela Merkel was asked why she insisted on Germany paying teachers very high salaries, salaries better than MPs, here is what she said:

“I cannot put you at the same level of the ones who taught you”.

This was a very powerful statement. I am one of Angela Merkels’s biggest fans. Mss Angela Merkel is one of the most powerful women in the world and one of the most intelligent. She does not talk a lot but when she talks, you will remember every word she says.

Merkel’s defense of paying teachers very highly is a contrast to Uganda’s Military Dictator Yoweri Museveni who believes in impoverishing teachers then blames the graduates for being lazy yet the kids are being taught by poorly paid teachers.

To teach is not a job. It is a passion. Teaching is a life calling. Teaching is the best gift heaven can give you to be able to influence generation after generation of future leaders, MPs, Scientists, Astronauts, Computer Engineers, Accountants, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Road Constructors, Brick layers, Architects, nebilala nabalala.

While the world was sleeping, Chancellor Merkel opened up Germany to international students. She stated “if we keep charging high tuition to international students, then we shall only get the richest international students. Surely there must be very intelligent children globally who are not rich and cannot afford an education in Europe. We must get rid of tuition”…. I paraphrase but you can Google her take on eliminating tuition in German schools.


I come from a long line of teachers. My father was a teacher. So was is my mother. All my siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews and everyone in our clan is a teacher. I am the only one who never embraced the teaching profession. WHY?

Because teaching is the lowest paying job in the world and the least respected. Not only that, teachers have to work with nearly nothing but must produce excellent pupils and University graduates. With nothing really. Who even does that? Teachers made you the President of your country, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the Principal of that expensive private school, the millionaire or billionaire featured in FORBES yearly and you do not think that teachers should be the highest paid people in the world?

Coming from a shithole country called Uganda where no one thinks anything good of teachers, I have learned to respect the teaching profession. Teachers in Uganda live like paupers and yet get disrespected if kids they teach flank National Exams. Just imagine, you pay your teachers maybe $200 per month and you expect them to produce Environmental Scientists to cure our #ClimateChange.  I wish I had your kind of brain. I would shoot myself dead.

As I write this, I have been in running battles with Uganda over very simple things like spelling, grammar, sentence construction. I should be teaching computer programming, compiling code, C++, Visual Studio, Business Plans, Entrepreneur skills, Marketing, Sales, Exporting and Importing, Ocean Freight, Air Cargo, Business Start ups, etc…

Yet, because the Uganda education system is so bastardized that most anyone you see on Social Media is illiterate and cannot even spell or read what is posted, I am here stuck with teaching the most basic English and Communication skills. I wish you had met me when I was helping young people write computer programs and compile their code. I wish you had met me when I was teaching Grade 4 to S2 kids of how to plan for their future. Stay in school. And if you do not, then let us do budgeting and figure out how you will pay your bills depending on the minimum wage job you will get when you drop out of school…. etc…. etc…

Germany is one of the most disciplined countries in the world. Parents should send their kids to study in Germany. Failing that, maybe try Canada.


*** Passionate about Education

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