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Stop killing our children – A child comes from far #EndSARS

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This is a story about motherhood. It is the best gift in life. To be a mother is a great accomplishment. To this day, when people ask me “what is your biggest accomplishment in your life?” I reply “Being a mother”.

Daily, we read about world dictators killing people’s kids and we don’t loudly condemn the killings.

When I was pregnant with Becks, I went from 125 pounds to 165. My colleagues at work used to call me Dumbo (Baby elephant. It is a Disney movie). I couldn’t fit in my clothes. Some great friends bought me maternity clothes. Suits for pregnant women are very expensive. I had the most crazy eating habits. 

Every morning, I would pull out of the driveway, stop by MacDonalds and get an ice cream cone. At lunch time, I would dash to the closest MacDonalds (Wynford Drive at Eglinton) and get another ice cream cone. I would then drive to Sobeys and buy a bottle of pickles. I would return to my office and be eating pickles to survive the rest of the afternoon. I was eating food like a pig and I did not understand why I was very hungry all the time or why I needed ice cream.

Now, so, at 4am, I go into labour. I am driven to the hospital. Our doctor comes to check on me. I am in so much pain that I don’t think I will live to see tomorrow. Actually, it hurt so much that I was yelling at the medics “give me the drugs. Give me the drugs. Do something. I am gonna die. I am dying”.

Anyway, it is a long story. The nurse had to page our doctor to return to the hospital because “Martha is losing it”. By this time, they had stuck a needle in my spinal code and I was relaxed. Our doctor cancels his morning appointments and drives back to the hospital. He found me reading the Wall Street Journal (you must always keep an eye on the stock market). OMG, the epidural is nuts. I was being told to push and I complied. They then hand me a baby. I asked the doctor “why is my child white? She is supposed to be a black baby”.

That baby turns age 23 next month. Imagine I had even feared that I would die in labour and not raise her. It is the worst fear of any mother. Not to live enough to raise your child. Not to see them blossom into an adult. Mothers live in fear for their children. Mothers pray for their children daily and thank God for the Gift. A mother is one of the most precious beings in the universe. I am very grateful to God for having given me the GIFT of motherhood. I would do it over, one thousand times.

Happy 23rd birthday Becks. I am glad in you. I am proud of you. I am one of the most blessed people on earth because God found me worthy to be your mother.


** I expect grand children soon though.

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