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CHANGE OF GUARDS – Uganda’s military dictator has had the shock of his life when the corruption parade he had organised and intended to use it to hoodwink the world turned into a trial in which he was convicted of being the patron of corruption.

Amidst loud cheers, the firebrand former UPC youth and former Speaker of Makerere University guild who was shot by Museveni’s security agents during a strike, Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah boldly told Museveni:
     “Mr President, we are all corrupt. Let anyone who has never been corrupt be the first to cast stones at the corrupt. We need to have a change of attitude. Don’t wait to be anything else to start fighting corruption. It starts from where you are & what you do. The fight starts with you. Let us stop the pretence.  We are all guilty as charged……..I come here because it is a show but deep down I know we are going back to the same old corruption, I dare anyone to challenge me on that………….many people pretend to fight corruption without even identifying who is corrupt…… everybody talks about corruption without identifying who the corrupt are………The struggle begins with you, it begins with me. Do not wait for anybody to fight against corruption. Do not wait to be the president of this country to start fighting corruption……..You may be a head teacher or military commander, or speaker of parliament or chief justice, that is your frontline.”

Oulanyah publicly committed himself on behalf of parliament to be honest and ethical in all our dealings, provide timely services to people of Uganda and to reveal illicit dealings.

The statement by Oulanya threw Museveni off the balance and when his turn came to deliver his address, he abandoned what he had intended to say and resorted to self defence and blackmail:
     “I would throw the first stone. I have never stolen anything from anybody and I’m not a poor man………..The Deputy Speaker (Oulanyah) is right, many people here are pretending but pretending is better than not pretending………..I know many of you who are corrupt but I have not arrested you because I have not yet got enough evidence.”

It is unfortunate that for the last 33 years, Museveni has never gotten sufficient evidence against the corrupt.

As if reading from the same text, Journalist Andrew Mwenda had this to say:
     “This march is merely a public relations exercise to create an illusion that government is fighting corruption. Yet corruption is the grease that turns the wheels of Museveni’s politics and the fuel that runs our country. Therefore our president cannot be genuine or serious about fighting it.”
Obviously, Mwenda’s criticism is driven by anger over the weekend’s sacking of his elder brother, Brig. Muhanga.

This is not the first time that Museveni is convicted of corruption by some of his own people.             

In June 2018, the then Inspector General of Government (IGG), Justice Irene Mulyagonja, said that most corrupt government officials were “hiding behind” the back of Museveni and used their connection to the Head of State to defeat or escape justice. She went ahead to say that the corrupt are powerful and whenever she attempted to pursue them they fought back and they often win the fight.

In April 2018, Museveni’s regime party Deputy Secretary General, Richard Tadwong publicly complained about institutionalised corruption.  He said;
       “Corruption, greed, nepotism are the things that are making Ugandans more disgusted in the leadership of our party in government. If we can’t restrain or control our greed in how we use public resources, how we steal with impunity, then Ugandans will push us out of power. The hills of Kampala are expanding with buildings but schools and hospitals are shrinking, so where do people get money from? And the owners of these buildings are Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries, Ministers and Directors, people are disgusted.”

In August 2016, the then Spy Chief, Brig. Ronnie Balya presented a 50 page report to the regime retreat at Kyankwanzi read in part;
       “Pervasive graft involving bureaucrats coupled by deteriorating public service delivery are a security threat. Corruption could lead to loss of legitimacy and trust in government because of corruption disenchanted citizens can resort to mass demonstrations, violence, and mob justice in some countries; governments have collapsed because of this. Corruption makes the government in power irrelevant to the general population. Corruption undermines service delivery thus facilitates political and economic sabotage of government programs. Where trust in government institutions is poor, people’s willingness and ability to engage in gainful activity also reduces – a recipe for poor sections of society to sink further into poverty since they are highly dependent on services provided by government. Unchecked corruption can lead to insecurity and uncertainty and undermine democratic and developmental gains of the regime in power. Corruption leads to elite capture (where technocrats and connected individuals use institutions, opportunities and resources to their private advantage) and on the other hand, patronage and clientalism entails a situation where a small but highly organised group controls power and uses its influence to benefit from public resources at the cost of the would be beneficiaries.”

Instead, Museveni sacked Brig. Balya from ISO.

During the same function, the then IGG Justice Faith Mulyagonja presented another paper that, among other issues, argued that:
       “When public officers are implicated in corruption, they are simply moved to other offices. If we are going to keep the bad apples in public service, how are we going to clean out corruption? We need a strong anti-corruption tone from the top most offices of the land.”

Therefore, given that Oulanya’s ambush sent Museveni in disarray, the latter must be regretting as to why he organized this so-called Anti-corruption Walk.  However, Oulanya will pay heavily for ‘disturbing the peace of the President’.


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